Going Dutch!

Latest figures I’ve finished are 20mm Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) infantry from 1941/2.


Figures are a bit of a mixed bag here!  The three on the right were converted from plastic figures in the 1980s (!), mainly through the addition of Plasticene to make the helmets look more like the Dutch helmets of the period!  For years they were painted in basic colours only, but since I’ve made a start again on WW2 stuff I’ve re-based them and highlighted the uniforms.

The three figures on the left are metal, two SHQ Dutch infantry forming a command group, whilst the last figure is an Early War Miniatures KNIL infantryman.  These form some of the new figures I’m adding to the older plastic conversions to make up a Dutch force for early 1942.  I’ve never been good at using shading washes, but need to turn figures around more quickly these days, so these figures have been black-washed and then touched up!

Although the painting styles for the two groups of figures are different, on a wargames table viewed from even a foot away they’re good enough for me!

At the moment I’m spending my time painting small groups of figures from all across the armies I’m interested in, so chances are the next group will be completely different!