image Back To The Future!

Staying in World War 2 mode, latest featured figures are late-war German infantry!

2016_1002_18302800The figures are plastic figures by ESCI and were originally painted in the 1980s!  Like the Dutch in the previous post I’ve re-based them and added extra highlights, but these didn’t need too much work since I’d originally dry-brushed highlights on the uniforms and shaded the faces and hands.  The picture above also shows a Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer, again a Matchbox kit from the 80s – I’m not going to re-do this model, although I usually tend to add more shading and highlights to vehicles these days.

2016_1002_18265000Also managed to complete an HQ unit and machine gun team.  The figures are ESCI again, but the gun was a white metal Skytrex model.  With all of these I’ve mixed German infantry and Afrika Korps figures to get some variation.  Back in the 80s choice was limited, but these days you’re spoilt for choice with late-war Germans!

Used to do loads of WW2 wargaming with plastic figures, but that all changed when I got married!  Having said that, getting married is the best thing I’ve ever done!  After a brief break from wargames, I scaled down on my ideas and started working on various smaller projects.  But after over 20 years, I’ve come back to doing WW2 stuff.  Kept quite a few older figures and models and am now enjoying sprucing them up and adding new stuff!