Peking! Duck!

Finished off a week ago, featured figures in this post are US Marines with a Colt machine gun, in action in China in 1900 at the height of the Boxer Rebellion!  Whereas the picture could be described as blurry and atmospheric, not-quite-in-focus might also be true!

2016_1006_12153700Models are Jacklex figures from Spencer Smith Miniatures. These figures came out a long time ago and are fairly plain in terms of detail, but they were exactly what I wanted.  The original figures were US infantry from the force operating against Pancho Villa in Mexico in 1916, but by filing the hats slightly I changed them into reasonable representations of US Marines during the Boxer Rebellion.  As per my latest approach to getting things painted quickly, these figures were painted in basic colours, washed with black and then had the highlights picked out.  Since Chinese buildings are impossible to get in 20mm scale, the villa is scratchbuilt from card with corrugated card roofing!

2016_1006_12175900I’ve always wanted to wargame the Boxer Rebellion since first reading the Osprey Men-At-Arms book when it first came out!  It’s colonial wargaming but with the Western Powers facing opposition from a tough opponent who also shot back!  The range and colour of the uniforms makes it both interesting and visually attractive and small and large scale actions can be gamed.  So when Kennington Miniatures (now SHQ) brought out Boxer Rebellion figures in the 1990’s I knew I’d just have to get some!

2016_1006_12105600Jacklex also make a Naval Brigade 4.7 inch gun and crew, but although these were deployed in China in 1900 they didn’t see action (although the smaller 12 pounder did).  Nevertheless, it’s a nice model so I thought I’d get one anyway!  After 20 years it’s nice to still be adding troops to these armies!