image Goulash For A Change!

Wasn’t expecting to be working on the latest project, a StuG III assault gun from World War 2!  But one of my work colleagues has discovered wargames and been given some WW2 German infantry and a StuG by someone, so he wanted a tutorial on how to paint a StuG badly (that’s not quite how the question was phrased) so I said “I can do that”!

2016_1006_12034800I actually had the same model, an Armourfast StuG III Ausf G, although mine sat for a long time in just a basic primed finish.  I had to add the skirt plates (Schurtzen) myself although the upgraded version of the kit includes skirts now!  I’ve always thought most German Dark Yellow paints seem too bright, so I use Humbrol 84 for the base coat.  Rather than a German vehicle, I wanted a late war Hungarian StuG and I bought some Bison decals to represent a vehicle from the 7th Assault Artillery Battalion.  Because the tactical numbers were carried on the skirt plates, I put acrylic gloss varnish on the middle two plates, put the numbers on and the sealed them with another coat of varnish!  The decals went on easily and stuck in place well!

2016_1006_12033200I then put on a thinned down enamel black/brown paint mix, let it dry a bit and then washed it off with a brush, leaving enough to both make it look grubby and shade it!  Then added a little extra shading and drybrushed the whole vehicle in a white/earth mix to pick out the highlights.  It’s a quick method that works well for me!  I usually only find this method works on lighter coloured vehicles (building is a scratchbuilt Balkan farm, painted in the same way).

Only problem is, I now need a Hungarian Army to go with it!

I first “discovered” Hungarian tanks after an article published in Airfix magazine in 1977 (I think it was then!  Sad, or what)!  Back then I was permanently skint, so I scratchbuilt eight Hungarian Turan tanks and two Zrinyi assault howitzers, plus two Hetzer tank destroyers for good measure, supporting them with a boatload of Airfix Germans painted khaki!  Since most of my friends at the time were similarly broke, there were no big Russian wargames armies I had to fight, so my Hungarians actually performed reasonably well!  I gradually drifted away from Hungarians as I started work on a German army, but always wanted to get back to doing them.  Nowadays, you can buy all the Hungarian troops and equipment you need, so after such a long time I’m pleased to have got started on them again!  That enthusiasm may not survive once I get round to tackling Turan tanks in a three colour camouflage scheme though!