image Loose On Luzon!

Latest figures are early WW2 US infantry typically representing the troops who resisted the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in 1941/42!  Always wanted to do early US troops in the Pacific, since the the US and Imperial Japanese Army both used light-ish tanks in similar numbers and roles.

2016_1006_11491700I think the figures are by Sergeant Majors Miniatures, and I think I bought them from Elheim Figures, but I’m not quite sure ’cause I bought them a while ago!  Not sure if they’re still available unfortunately.  For a long time I think the only 20mm early US troops available were from the small Platoon 20 range (now East Riding Miniatures) but Early War Miniatures now make a small range of Philippine Scouts, Elheim have started a range themselves and Strelets produce some 1:72 scale figures in plastic.

2016_1006_11501000Figures were painted in basic colours, washed with a Vallejo sepia wash and then the basic colours were touched up!  The basic khaki drill uniforms and sepia wash go together quite well and are quick to do.

M3 scout car is by Frontline Wargames – I like their simplified style ’cause it’s easy to paint and looks good.  Rice bales and fencing are by Mainly Military and buildings are scratchbuilt – mounting board walls and floors, extra long matchsticks for supports, and bristles from a broom for the thatch!  Making the thatch was great fun, basically cutting bristles off a brand new brush head and gluing them everywhere – onto the buildings, the table, the floor, the dogs and myself!  The “jungle” is plastic tropical fish tank vegetation, but I need to do some research on Philippines geography!

Whereas most people know about the Pearl Harbor attack, not as many realise that the Japanese fought a six month campaign against US and Filipino forces in the Philippines.  A bold move for the Japanese that faced determined resistance from the defenders, who were effectively cut off from receiving more than token reinforcements!

Can’t wait to get some early Pacific War tanks done!