image The Roarin’ Twenties!

Not long finished is a 1920s Chinese machine gun team!  Following the 1911 revolution and through into the 1930s and beyond, China was a battleground for both greater and lesser warlords and cliques battling for control of the country!

2016_1025_16121400Some Chinese troops for the period are available in 20mm scale, but the machine gun team are actually Britannia Miniatures (now available from Grubby Tanks) Viet Cong!  With the crew wearing straw sun hats, I painted them in khaki to represent troops from southern China.  With them being predominantly in brown shades, I just used a Vallejo sepia wash to shade the figures and then touched up the highlights.  Britannia figures have quite deep shading and so take a wash quite well!

The other figures are older and are a sword-wielding Caesar Miniatures plastic WW2 Chinese infantryman, a Stonewall Figures Chinese irregular superman (here with a National Revolutionary Army flag) and a B & B Miniatures Russian Civil War Japanese infantryman painted as a Chinese infantryman.  Building is a scratchbuilt Chinese shop.

The tank is an old Matchbox Renault FT, painted in the camouflage and markings shown in the Osprey Vanguard book on the FT for a Chinese vehicle.  I like FTs, they’ve got character and the Matchbox model is still one of the best models in my opinion, despite its age!  You can never have too many FTs and I’ve got nine and counting for various armies!


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