image Polished Off!

Latest figures finished are Polish infantry from another of those well known conflicts, the Russo-Polish War of 1919-20!  In many places, 11th November 1918 did not see an end to conflict, with empires falling and new or resurgent nations rushing to fill the power vacuum!  The Russian Bolsheviks had hoped to spread their revolution west through Europe after WW1 ended, but the newly-formed Polish state put a stop to that plan, although it was a close run thing!

2016_1025_16065000The Polish army in this war contained troops from various forces formed during WW1, brought together in 1918-19 and wearing a variety of uniforms.  I’d already got some WW1 French infantry in both horizon blue and khaki uniforms and they’re fine for Polish troops, especially with some old Liberation Miniatures Poles mixed in wearing rogatywkas (the square-topped Polish cap).  But when Strelets brought out some plastic WW2  Poles with standard bearers in the box of figures, I thought I’d get some just to add some variation!

Couldn’t use the figures with Russian steel helmets, and the standard bearer had to have a PPSh sub-machine gun carefully trimmed off, but apart from painting high boots to look like putters the figures were fine.  Being predominantly brown in colour they were easy to paint using a sepia wash.  The flag was more tricky and I struggled to find details, but went with a simple white-over-red affair and a Polish eagle on a shield – not the best flag I’ve painted and possibly the worst, but it looks OK from a distance!  Flags were more than likely not carried into combat, but I wanted one to designate an HQ unit and it adds an element of colour to an otherwise drab battlefield.

2016_1025_16065900And, once again, the tank is a Renault FT!  Like the Chinese FTs I’ve got it’s a Matchbox kit, this time with the 37mm gun.  I painted it in a typical three-tone scheme with a brown wash over it to both shade it and make it look grubby, drybrushed with a light sand colour to pick out the detail.  Deliberately didn’t put markings on it, so that it could be used for a French, US, Russian or Polish vehicle, although some of the info I had on markings seemed contradictory anyway!  Buildings are Russian cottages from Hovels that, like myself, have been around for ages!