image Cool WIP!

Some people seem to think I just churn out figures steadily and on a regular basis!  I think this (incorrect) assumption stems from the fact that I appear to update the blog frequently!  Due to the time lag imposed by waiting for decent weather for varnishing and my desire to take photos in daylight, not to mention actually writing a blog post, finished figures usually take two to three weeks to appear here!  Since I’m away from home at times, I usually try to prepare figures at home and paint them when I’m away.  This means some careful planning is needed, mainly so that I can do the (potentially) more messy enamel painting and washes at home!

2016_1115_11475400So, just for a change, today’s featured picture is the stuff currently on the desk at home!  I’m not going to go into detail about it, probably because I can’t remember who made some of it.  But everything’s there, ranging from 19th century historical figures to future sci-fi stuff!  It will hopefully get painted eventually and feature here in more detail at some point!  Just in case some of you recognise some 15mm and 28mm stuff on the table, don’t panic – it’s stuff that fits quite well with 20mm troops!  Sadly enough, the only miniatures the Jack Daniels tin contains are those ready for painting!

Something that struck me as strange about some of the wargaming I’m interested in was that whereas some people are quite prepared to ridicule such genres (for lack of a better word) as Alternative World War 2, the same people seem to readily accept zombies without a second thought!  Probably fortunate really, given that I do quite a passable impression of one first thing in the morning!