image There’s Just One Slight Problem . . . !

Have lagged behind a bit lately I’m afraid!  Trying to juggle bits around and finish some troops and vehicles for a special game, so I’ve slowed down on some stuff!

2016_1112_13124100Latest figures are Dutch gun crew, ostensibly for the Netherlands East Indies campaign of 1942.  Unfortunately, the only Dutch artillerymen I could get were the SHQ figures for the 1940 Low Countries campaign, but they are close enough for my liking.  I like the style of SHQ figures and they fit in well with Early War Miniatures’ KNIL troops and my old plastic Airfix-Italians-converted-to-Dutch!  No-one’s gonna be surprised to find that I’ve just used a black wash on these figures for speed!

The only problem is . . . I’ve not got any guns for them to crew!  Bit of an oversight!  It’s not quite true, since I have an old scratchbuilt Bohler 47mm gun for them (shown in the picture), but it needs repainting!  The gun was built from plasticard in the early 1980s and I’ve improved its appearance by sticking a couple of PaK 36 wheels over the fairly plain solid discs it had originally.  Even when the gun’s repainted I still need to find a tractor for it (but watch this space)!

2016_1112_13133700So, just as an extra I’ve thrown in a bit of nostalgia!  The tank is a Vickers Model 1936 light tank, used by the KNIL in the 1942 campaign.  It is completely scratchbuilt, wheels, suspension and tracks included (the latter give it away a bit) and, once again, dates from the early 80s!  In around 1983 I bought two Steve Zaloga books, one on Blitzkrieg vehicle colours and the other on Pacific War armour.  I liked the Belgian and Dutch Vickers light tanks in the two books, so I scratchbuilt two of each out of card.  Hulls were identical, with only turrets and stowage bins being different, so I built them all together.  Just for completeness, the Belgian vehicle, belonging the the Chasseurs Ardennais, is shown in the photo below.

belgian-t15-light-tankWish I could paint markings that small now!  That Steve Zaloga’s got a lot to answer for, having started me off down the road with a few of my WW2 armies!  I’ve enjoyed making and painting them all!


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