image Danger At Damortis!

A dead quick post that’s a little different this time!

2016_1221_16054800In the early morning hours of December 22nd 1941 Japanese forces landed in the Philippines.  They brought the 4th and 7th tank regiments with them!  In response, US commanders ordered Charlie Company 192nd Tank Battalion to Damortis (on the island of Luzon) to find out what was happening and what followed was the first US tank-vs-tank clash of WW2!

2016_1221_16053400So on 22nd December 2016, the 75th anniversary of this action, I held a wargame to commemorate that tank battle from so long ago!  Not really had time to get all the pictures sorted, so included for now are a selection taken from the start of the game.  More pictures will hopefully follow soon!  Getting things ready for this game is the main reason I haven’t been posting as much lately.  After this, Christmas day will just be just another day (although hopefully with nice pudding)!

Hope where ever you are you get the chance for some happiness, peace and quiet!




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