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OK, really just a follow-up from the last post about the WW2 early Pacific War game!  Played the game with one of my long-time wargames opponents and it turned into quite a scrap, considering the limited forces involved!

2016_1221_16060200Since the wargame was based around the 75th anniversary of the first US tank-vs-tank action in WW2, the emphasis was on tanks (surprisingly) but with some supporting units on both sides!  US forces consisted of two M3 light tanks, an M3 SPM (half-track with a 75mm gun), a 75mm field gun with crew and towing vehicle, a couple of infantry squads and a machine gun team and HQ.

The Japanese got four Type 95 light tanks, a 37mm infantry gun, a truck, a grenade discharger team and then the same infantry units as the Americans.  There was plenty of tank action and the US forces seemed to come out of the game better off than they did back in 1942!

2016_1228_16405700Getting to the point where I could have this game has been a journey in itself for me!  Long, long ago, in a galaxy about ten miles away, I built up a WW2 Japanese wargames army while I was still at school and had great fun landing troops from Airfix polythene landing craft onto Subbuteo pitches with jumpers underneath them!  I always meant to re-do my Japanese troops but never got round to it, but they’ve always been on my “to do” list!  But a couple of years ago I tried a Vallejo sepia wash over the old ESCI plastic Japanese figures I hadn’t parted with and they came out looking not half bad!

I’d managed to pick up a few bits and pieces over the years and stashed them away to paint on a rainy day (as you do) so I gradually got them under way.  Early Pacific War US troops were the most difficult to get (most of mine are Sergeant Major Miniatures and maybe unavailable now) but Strelets now produce two boxes of plastic figures!  Have taken my time with these, but was pleased I got enough ready for this game and am hoping to keep things going on a Pacific War theme!  Have now had the chance to use my two scratchbuilt-in-the-1980s Type 95s alongside two new-ish Frontline Wargames resin Ha-Gos as well!

And if that’s not enough, it’s 2017 in three days’ time, so all the best to everyone for the new year!

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