image Different Year, Same Brown Stuff To Paint!

Happy New Year to everyone!  We might have moved from 2016 into 2017 but the stuff on the desk didn’t get magically painted overnight unfortunately!  At the moment it’s mainly WW2 stuff there!  And I suppose most of it is olive drab rather than brown!

Anyway, having recently played an early WW2 Pacific game, I thought I’d maybe feature some of the figures and equipment in a couple of posts, mainly because they’ve also been painted recently!  So, starting with US forces in this post, first item is a 75mm field gun.

2016_1228_16532800I bought the gun on Ebay years ago and it came without wheels, so I added some spare German Nebelwerfer wheels I had.  No idea who made the gun originally.  The crew are Sergeant Major Miniatures and I have a feeling I’ve (inadvertently) mixed artillery and mortar crew but can maybe sort that out when I get the mortar teams done!

2016_1228_16535300Next up is the Dodge Model  VC 4×4 command car with HQ unit.  I needed an early war vehicle and managed to get the Dodge from Wespe Models in Romania, the HQ unit again being from Sergeant Major Miniatures.  The Dodge is a nice model with a lot more character than the more angular late war vehicles!

2016_1228_16533800Final model is a reconnaissance (recce or recon, depending on your nationality) jeep from Early War Miniatures and this has to be one of my favourite models!  Why?  It’s the crew!  A jeep’s a jeep and the basic vehicle is fine, but the crew really finish this model off.  Aside from the driver, there’s the vehicle commander with binoculars and a third crewman sitting in the back using a radio, and they all have separate heads.  The men are wearing jackets more appropriate to later war uniforms, but that’s not obvious when they’re sitting in the jeep, so they’re passable for the early Philippines campaign.  The heads come with the early war pattern helmets set at a slight angle and that seems to accurately reflect how they were worn from some of the pictures I’ve seen anyway.

But the best thing with the crew is that they fit in the vehicle really well, since not all manufacturers seem to be able to manage that!  I actually assembled the whole vehicle with crew before painting it, which made it a bit harder for me, but I’m pleased with the result!  And with finishing all of the above, I’ve cleared at least a bit of space on my desktop to be taken up by the first of the stuff to be painted in 2017!  Yay (I think)!

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  1. […] The Dodge T202 was a resin model from Wespe Models in Romania and is the second of two that I’ve made. I think the original vehicles were in production in 1940/41 so I’ve assumed they’d be available to US forces in the Philippines. Could do with finding driver figures for them, but these will be used as a battalion HQ vehicle and a prime mover for my 75mm field gun (in the absence of anything more appropriate). The model shown here has sat round undercoated since December 2016 (but you can see the other one here). […]


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