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Recent posts have tended to concentrate on US forces in the early WW2 Pacific campaign, but I’ve also painted a handful of Japanese figures and a couple of guns.

2016_1228_16395600Three of the gun crew are SHQ Miniatures and the fourth is a plastic Caesar Miniatures Japanese infantryman with a radio, although I think he looks more like a Japanese Navy paratrooper. I like the SHQ figures, although they are on the smaller size.  Gun is a Britannia Miniatures/Grubby Tanks Japanese Type 41 75mm regimental gun and a nice model – there are only a few pieces and it’s easy to put together.

2016_1230_14212300The smaller gun is a Type 94 37mm infantry gun, originally scratchbuilt in the 80s, but repainted recently to fit with the latest swotting up I’ve done on colour schemes for Japanese equipment.  The Type 94 also served as an anti-tank gun.

The pack mule in the centre is by Irregular Miniatures and the pack horse on the left is one from the old Airfix German Mountain Troops set of figures!  At the moment I use a single draft horse to pull the 37mm gun and a two-horse team to pull the 75mm gun, these horses also being used for my 19th and early 20th century Chinese armies.  From what I can tell, the 37mm was usually towed behind a small cart drawn by a single horse and I’ve got one somewhere that still needs to be made and painted – well OK, in addition to the two others “scratchbuilt in the 80s”!  It wasn’t just all the best music that came out then!

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