image Bang On!

Well, I finished the gunners for my WW2 Dutch East Indies forces a month ago (more details can be found here) but didn’t have the guns to go with them unfortunately!  Have now sorted that out and also added some transport as well.

2016_1230_14243600First gun is the Bohler 47mm infantry/anti-tank gun featured in the earlier post but now repainted.  This was originally scratchbuilt from plasticard but I added a couple of PaK 36 wheels to improve its appearance.

2016_1230_14255700In the East Indies the Dutch towed the 47mm guns with Vickers Utility B tractors.  I bought some of these from both SHQ Miniatures and Early War Miniatures, but I can’t remember which the one in the photo is!  At the time I bought them I could only get the Belgian version and it’s actually incorrect for the Dutch!  The Belgian version had a fold-up armoured cab for the driver and the crew sat on the top decking – the Dutch version was a slightly different shape and had seats for the crew that folded out sideways over the tracks and it also towed a small limber for ammunition.  I left the cab off and used a plastic HaT Romanian mortar crewman for the driver.  OK, it’s not correct but it looks good and is the smallest tracked vehicle I have!

2016_1230_14233200Last model is also one that’s wrong but looks the part!  The East Indies Army used the Bofors 75mm mountain howitzer, but I’ve never found a model of one.  But, back in the 80s again, I painted up some ESCI French as Norwegians (!) and, based on info in one of the Jane’s WW2 Fact Files books, I scratchbuilt them a couple of Erhardt 75mm mountain guns.  The Norwegian figures are long gone, but I kept one of the guns ’cause it looks a bit like the Bofors (from a distance in the dark?) so I just repainted it!

At least my Dutch gunners have some of their own guns and transport now, even though I’ve been a bit “flexible” getting there!  There are times when you just have to resort to bluff!