image That’s Cheating!

Not much getting finished at the moment, but I’ve acquired a new piece of scenery!

2017_0123_20043100While I had my cold the week before last I had a browse on EBay!  I don’t usually buy much in the way of wargaming stuff from EBay, but I thought I’d have a look at what was going in the way of 20mm scenery and the above item came up!  Since it was ready-painted I didn’t think I’d have much chance of getting it, so I just settled down to watch the price go up over three days!

2017_0123_20041200So I was quite surprised to see the price within my bid limit a couple of hours before the auction ended and I managed to convince she-who-approves-the-finances that it would be worth a bid!  I was really surprised when I won it, but it is a really nice model!  My mate reckoned it was an older piece by Sentry Models (who I’d never heard of!).  I wanted something that would do for Franco-Prussian War, early WW1 and late WW1 (so the more mobile stages, where villages and buildings were still recognisable) and this is spot on!  And it’s painted better than I can do to boot!

I had thought about telling my boss at work about it, since he’s new to wargaming and starting off with 1944 Normandy armies, so a nice bit of painted scenery would be right up his street!  But then common sense prevailed and I kept it quiet – just too good an item to tell the competition about!