image Paella For A Change!

I’ve been a bit slow with painting at the moment, but my mate has set up a 20mm Spanish Civil War game and we’ve just finished a second evening playing that!

2017_0123_22273700It is based on part of the Nationalist offensive aimed at capturing Madrid in January 1937, and represents the fighting around Majadahonda, with XII International Brigade and Republican regulars pitted against Nationalist regulars and Falange militia, fighting in the fog!

My mate (also John) has wargamed SCW for quite a while, so he has lots of different troop types plus tanks, guns and scenery, to the extent that I just have to turn up, roll dice and drink tea!  The troops are quite colourful for 1937 and vary quite a bit in fighting ability, and there’s the added dimension of German, Italian and international contingents also involved in the fighting.  John started SCW armies with some nice painted second-hand figures bought at a wargames show when there were only a few companies making SCW figures, but there are a lot more available now.

2017_0123_22274700As far as the game’s going, I’m commanding a local Republican counter-attack.  I don’t think I started off all that well and at the end of the first session last week my troops looked like they were going to get bogged down!  But this week has seen me push back the Nationalist right flank, but at the cost of me coming under heavy pressure on my own right flank!  A Nationalist tank attack (using German Panzer Is) was on the verge of breaking open my right flank, when some excellent shooting from a Republican Russian-supplied T-26 destroyed one of the Panzer Is.  The subsequent absolutely shocking morale tests for the remaining Nationalist tank crews indicated that clean underwear was going to be required once they’d manage to scarper back to their own lines!

2017_0130_23111600So the whole situation is fluid and turning into one of those games where you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next!  Watch this space!




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