image Noddy & Big Ears Have A Grand Day Out!

Bashing on with Pacific WW2 stuff, latest models are a Japanese Army artillery observation team!

The two figures are a plastic Caesar Miniatures Japanese infantryman using a radio set (and the same figure that I’ve used to flesh out my artillery crews) and a Kelly’s Heroes metal Japanese infantryman with a sub-machine gun (available from Grubby Tanks).  As usual these days, a quick coat of khaki followed by a sepia wash gets the bulk of the figures painted.

2017_0203_16444000I really wanted the team to have a vehicle so I’d stashed away some various Kurogane field car models for just such an occasion!  This one is the two-seater soft top and I think it’s by SHQ.  It’s a nice little model!  I didn’t originally have a driver for it, but thought it’d look better with one, so I found an ancient plastic seated German officer, transplanted a Caesar Japanese head onto him and squeezed him into the driver’s seat!  Painted it in Humbrol 110 and put a black/brown wash on to shade it and make it look grubby, followed up by a drybrushed highlight.  I really do like the model!

2017_0203_16453900There’s just one problem, and it’s in my head really!  If I’d painted the Kurogane yellow and red, it would look just like Noddy’s car.  This association is further reinforced by the fact that it carries a two-man observation team – obviously Big Ears is on the radio calling in artillery fire adjustments, while Noddy nods his agreement to the corrections!  I may just have to resort to direct artillery fire in games to maintain my composure!  It’s funny how other people have agreed with me on this, yet no-one has pointed out that Noddy doesn’t usually carry a Type 100 sub-machine gun!  Maybe he keeps it in the boot of the car!


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