image This’ll All Have To Stop!

Not a toy soldier post this time!  This is John’s wife writing this post!  I have a first name, but She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is most appropriate, or She-Who-Rates-Hairspray-As-More-Important-Than-TOY-Soldiers!

You might think, reading these posts, that John is quite amiable, but he’s not, which is why I’ve bought him an appropriate mug!  Most of the time I see him, he is GRUMPY!  He’s got it down to an art form!  So you’ve been warned!

2017_0215_16423400And the mug came with shower gel for some reason, but it’s got a slogan on it that appears even closer to the truth!  Whereas I’ve finally managed to educate John and get him to realise that a mug is for drinking out of, rather than for storing paint brushes in, he’s probably going to need a training course as far as shower gel’s concerned!

So when you read any of his posts, just remember . . . he’s grumpy!  And I can’t possibly see how painting and playing with toy soldiers is going to stop that from happening any time soon!