image Obviously Can’t Count!

After writing the last post, I thought I’d dig out all my armoured cars for a class reunion photo!  There were more than I thought, probably because they’re spread through about 10 storage boxes!   Those of you who read my posts regularly will not be surprised to learn that some of these models date from the 80s!

2017_0303_14192300Models in the above photo are as follows:

Back row, left to right:

1914 Belgian Minerva (scratchbuilt), 1914 French Peugeot (resin/converted), 1914 French De Dion Bouton 75mm AA (Early War Minis), 1918 French White (resin), 1919 Freikorps Fiat (Raventhorpe Minis), 1917 German Ehrhardt (Shellhole Scenics), 1914 German 77mm AA (Irregular Minis/conversion).

Second row from back, left to right:

1915 British Lanchester (resin), 1918 British Austin (resin), 1918 Canadian Autocar (scratchbuilt), 1918 Russian Austin (resin), 1917 Russian Garford (Cromwell Models), 1918 Russian Austin-Putilov (resin), 1920 Russian Austin-Putilov-Kegresse half-track (resin/conversion).

Second row from front, left to right:

1918 Russian Mgebrov-White (resin), 1922 Chinese makeshift armoured lorry (resin/scratchbuilt), 1924 Chinese Kegresse (SHQ Minis/conversion),  1935 British Crossley (Frontline), 1940 Swedish Landsverk 182 (scratchbuilt), 1942 Dutch Marmon Herrington (Wespe).

Front row, left to right:

1942 US M3 scout car (Frontline), 1943 German SdKfz 222 (Airfix), 1944 German SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Matchbox), 1944 German SdKfz 234/3 (conversion from Matchbox Puma), 1944 Russian BA-64 (Skytrex)

2017_0303_14200300I do have some favourites out of these!  The Landsverk 182 is probably the oldest model shown and dates from the early 80s!  It was tricky to scratchbuild in card, from drawings made from photos, and has wheels from an Airfix Crusader.  I built it because I thought the Hungarians might have used them, hence the camouflage scheme, but I don’t think they did!  I’ve kept it for all these years and might re-paint it as the sole Finnish Army vehicle in WW2!  Otherwise, the only other models from the 80s are the three German WW2 vehicles and the BA-64.

2017_0303_14195600I’ve always liked the Russian Austin-Putilov-Kegresse half-track and it was easy to convert from the Second City resin armoured car model, with a paint scheme taken straight from the Osprey Russian Civil War Armour (Red Army) book.  I think that wargaming WW1 and the Russian Civil War is the reason my armoured car collection grew without me realising it!

2017_0303_14194400And finally, having got plans of one and some spare resin wheels, I scratchbuilt myself a Canadian Autocar machine gun carrier to use in 1918 Western Front games.  It’s quite small and it proved tricky finding some crew figures to fit (the gunners are IT Miniatures WW1 US infantry with scratchbuilt Vickers machine guns).

Not shown in the pic, ’cause they’re somewhere in the loft, are a Russian BRDM by Skytrex and a scratchbuilt French Foreign Legion Panhard EBR, the latter being by far the most difficult vehicle I have ever scratchbuilt!  Must dig ’em out sometime!