image Three Down! Oh, Hang On . . . !

OK, third WW2 infantry battalion finished . . . or so I thought!

2017_0218_12561800Close on the heels of my recently finished WW2 Japanese infantry battalion is a Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) infantry battalion.  Three rifle companies, each represented by seven riflemen and a light machine gunner, plus a machine gun platoon and an HQ, for a total of 30 figures!  Unlike the already-completed Russian and Japanese battalions, the Dutch one doesn’t have its own indirect fire support capability.

2017_0218_12560900It was only when I counted up the Dutch figures that I still had left to paint that I found I had two too many, and that was because I hadn’t painted the two single figures who accompany the two-man MMG team!  Anyway, although not shown in the photos, the two missing figures have now been painted!

As has been mentioned in a few posts, my Dutch infantry were predominantly  converted from Airfix Italians back in the 80s (although I think one of the LMG gunners is an ESCI French infantryman), tidied up to fit in with the way I currently paint, and with some metal SHQ and Early War Miniatures figures added to make the numbers up!  I was a bit loathe to part with the converted Airfix Italians, since I remember being really pleased with my skill at adding plasticene to their heads to make something resembling the Dutch steel helmet!  I think I could probably count properly then as well!  Doh!