image What Goes Round Comes Round!

Bit of a delay since the last post, due partly to a week away on business, followed by a planned hospital visit at short notice!

Probably quite fitting in this Russian Revolution centenary year to have a related wargames post, in this case more specifically a Russian Civil War subject.  Although everyone has heard about the revolution (probably more correct to say “revolutions”), fewer will have been aware of the brutal civil war that followed it, with fewer still being able to comprehend it’s breadth and significance.  I still don’t understand the scope of it all, despite what I’ve read!

2017_0403_14015300Anyway, I am not going to try describe any of it in depth.  For the sake of this post, I can oversimplify the whole thing by saying that the fledgling Red Army managed to see off all of it’s antagonists, secure the existence of the Soviet Union and start building a tank force using vehicles captured from its opponents!  The subject of this post is a Red Army Mark V tank dating from around 1920.

The Red Army captured most of its tanks from the opposing White armies operating in southern Russia.  These forces had been supplied with a number of British Mark V heavy tanks, the vast majority of which were Composite models (British heavy tanks were either gun-armed “Males” or machine gun-armed “Females”, the Composite or “Hermaphrodite” version having a mixed armament).  This is one of those models that has sat in a box for years without getting finished!  I originally bought an Emhar Mark IV Male kit and Mark IV Female, but finished them both as Composites, with each having one gun sponson and one machine gun sponson (with one having a port side gun sponson and the other a starboard side one).  At the time I couldn’t get a Mark V model, so I just added the extra rear cupolas from plasticard to make both tanks look like Mark Vs from a distance.

2017_0403_14031100I painted one up as a White Russian tank soon after it was built, but the other one has had to wait a lot of years to be sort of finished!  Although the Red Army tank was painted in its basic colours a while ago, the thought of lining round all of the panels and rivets put me off finishing it.  But then last week I thought “stuff it, just put a wash on it, drybrush it and it’ll be ready to use at least”!  So that’s what I’ve done!  The wash has toned down the two tone green camouflage and could have picked out some of the panels better, but at least it means I can finally use it for a game!

Figures in the photos are all B & B Miniatures RCW Red Army regular troops, most wearing the characteristic “shlem” headgear.  Buildings are Hovels Eastern Front cottages that have been around for ever and form a good basis for similar cottages worldwide if you put different roofs on them!

Now just need to start planning some RCW centenary games and maybe think about building the Russian armoured train that I’ve always wanted . . .



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