image Uh Oh! New Project (1)!

OK, am starting  a new project and putting my neck on the block by blogging about it straight away!  If I fail miserably, you’ll all know about it, probably because the posts will suddenly stop and it’ll never be mentioned again!

Buque_Barroso_(1865)The project is going  to be the Great Paraguayan War (or War Of The Triple Alliance).  Another one of those less well known conflicts that always turns out to be far more interesting than you’d imagine!  And can you get figures in 20mm scale?  Nope!  So a lot of “making it up as you go along” is going to be involved, which is even better!

BatalhacurupaitiFortunately, in this day and age, I don’t have to write a potted history of the war – by now, those that are still reading this (and even remotely interested) will have googled it!  Basically, from 1865 to 1870, the army of Paraguay battled it out against the combined armies of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (hence the Triple Alliance) in a fight to the death.  The fact that Paraguay was defeated is maybe less surprising than the fact that it took five years to achieve it!

Canoas_paraguayas_dando_abordagem_ao_monitor_ALAGOAS,_nas_proximidades_das_baterias_do_Timbó.Anyway, these are early days for the project and I’m hoping to run it alongside the other bits and pieces that are going on.  Have got my reference material sorted, which is a plus, and have even got a plan, which may be a good or bad thing!  Most of the time when I start a “new” project, it usually involves building upon something I’ve already got, but not this time.  I need to work on all of the armies from scratch!  Best get a move on!

As far as I know, the pictures shown here are all in the public domain!


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