image Jumping Jack Flash . . .!

Having added another Schneider CA tank to my WW1 French tank force, and read up on their operations, I decided I could do with some more infantry to accompany them.  I already had a line infantry battalion and a Foreign Legion battalion (the latter wearing khaki), so I opted for another line battalion.  Using a 1:50 figure-to-man ratio, I use 14-figure battalions for the French, containing a Chauchat LMG team and two figures with VB rifle grenade launchers.

2017_0403_13123900Went for a change with this battalion and used Streltets plastic French infantry in gas masks.  My other two battalions used IT Miniatures and Irregular Miniatures figures and I already had an Irregular officer and LMG team based and primed, so I used them even though the Strelets figures are taller.  I like Strelets figures ’cause they’re chunky and paint well, although they can sometimes have quite a bit of flash to clean up (they also have quite a range of figures).  You don’t get any troops with VB rifle grenade launchers with these figures, so I’ll allocate that role to those figures throwing grenades instead.

2017_0403_13120600As with my French tank crews, the infantry are painted in Vallejo pastel blue – it’s probably a bit too bright for French horizon blue, but the figures look OK I think!  Actually had these Strelets figures stashed away for use as Victorian Science Fiction aeronef marines, but have plenty left to use for that (and that does not count as new project)!

2017_0403_13134500Osprey publish a WW1 gas warfare tactics book and for a long time I thought “that sounds dull, I can’t imagine reading that”!  How wrong I was!  It is a very interesting read, covering the development and deployment of gas weapons and the countermeasures developed.  I certainly didn’t appreciate the complexity of the subject!  And the Strelets figures in gas masks have quite a sinister appearance despite wearing a light blue uniform!



    • Thanks IRO! Terrain is a vac-formed trench system by Early War Miniatures. I mounted it on card, covered the upper surface in Vallejo white pumice to give it texture, then painted it earth and drybrushed it. Used a brown wash in the trenches and made some extra duckboards in card to drop into the bottom of the trenches to bring them up to the level of the firing step so that figures can stand straight! It makes a good strongpoint to fight over!

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