image Back To The 40s!

Had the chance to step back in time this weekend, and further back than my usual 80s nostalgia trip!  Brougham Hall is a fortified manor house in Cumbria and this weekend it hosted a 1940s/WW2 event which I was lucky enough to get along to.

2017_0506_11142500Within the grounds there were quite a few history enthusiasts, all in uniform or period dress, along with weapons and military and civilian vehicles.  Weather was cloudy but dry and probably just right for wandering round in.  Was fortunate that there was a Dingo scout car and a Bren Gun Carrier there, so took some photos of them for reference, but there were also quite a few very-well restored jeeps and light trucks.

2017_0506_10545400Entered into the spirit of things by having a spam sandwich and a cuppa from the refreshments tent (normally if we visit Brougham Hall I have some of the excellent Paradise Cake from the cafe – it is, probably, the best cake in the world)!  Really enjoyed my visit, as did my wife and our two dogs, so a big thank you to everyone who made it such a nice day!  And it would appear that the most popular activity for children of all ages (myself included) was handling a Bren gun!

2017_0506_11164200Brougham Hall played its own part in the WW2 Allied war effort!  Development of the Canal Defence Light (a large searchlight mounted on an M3 medium tank) took place in secret there, and a plaque on one of the walls commemorates that work!

As with books and tanks, you can never have too much Brougham Hall Paradise Cake!




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