image Uh Oh! New Project (5)!

Still been doing bits on the Paraguayan War project in amongst other stuff.  I started it off after a routine hospital visit, when I couldn’t paint figures, but I’ve tried to maintain momentum even though I can get back to painting now!

2017_0525_16435100I’ve now finished cleaning up, and mounting on bases, 124 figures and two guns (53 Paraguyans, 71 Allies and a gun for each army).  Most of the Paraguayans have had shakos added and the metal figures have had socks filed down to look more like bare calves and ankles!  I can get those figures into a plastic storage box, but will have to get another one for the remaining troops.  Having said that, it means I’ve managed to prepare two thirds of all the planned figures, so I’m pleased with progress.

2017_0406_15152000The sharp-eyed amongst you will have spotted two figures already painted in the storage box!  These are Brazilian zouaves painted years ago, when I first considered this project.  They were originally black-skinned, representing Zouaves of Bahia, but I repainted the flesh so that they could double up as French zouaves for the Franco-Prussian War.  This time round they’ve got eight colleagues based and ready for painting!

This might be the last update for a while on this project, since the next step involves actually painting the figures!  I could alternatively spray the Allies blue and Paraguayans red and leave it at that!


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