image Another One Bites The Dust!

Well, that’s the UK general election over for another five years/months/weeks (depending on who you believe) and I’ve managed to contain my excitement!

Considering how long I’ve wargamed WW2, I’m surprised that I haven’t got a German infantry battalion finished before now!  Well, I have, but a very long time ago, so it was about time that I got a “new” unit done!

2017_0510_18344400As with the Russian infantry battalion finished last year, the Germans are mostly old figures re-based and tidied up!  Most of them are ESCI plastic German infantry or Afrika Korps troops, painted to represent late war panzergrenadiers (some have the light green Waffenfarbe shoulder straps of the latter, as opposed to white for conventional infantry).  Although I still use the same 1:20 model:man ratio as I did when I first formed German units in the 80s, I’ve slightly modified the organisation I use for a panzergrenadier battalion, mainly so that I can use it to function as late-war infantry battalion as well.

2017_0510_18335900The battalion has three rifle companies, each represented by a light machine gun team, two sub-machine gunners and four riflemen – unfortunately there’s little variation in the figure poses!  The fourth (weapons) company has a medium machine gun team, a panzerschreck team and, the new addition, an 81mm mortar team (from Britannia Miniatures/Grubby Tanks).  With the points values I allocate to weapons, the 81mm mortar team model represents the total support provided by company-issued 81mm mortars plus the small number of 120mm mortars issued at battalion level, and is useful when the unit is used to represent infantry as opposed to panzergrenadiers.  Final part of the battalion is a two-man HQ.

2017_0510_18345600I would have liked to have more variation in the figure poses, and more troops wearing ankle boots, but I suppose I shouldn’t grumble, since I’ve really only had to paint a mortar team and tidy up and re-base the rest of the figures!  Pleased with the results, but somehow I can’t bring myself to replace their supporting armour, a bunch of Panzer IVs scratchbuilt from card over 30 years ago!

Pz IV (1)



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