image Oldies But Goodies!

Well, for one reason or another I’ve slowed down a bit recently with painting, but having got my WW2 German infantry battalion finished I managed to keep up enough momentum to get some supporting troops done as well!

2017_0510_17304000I didn’t have any extra figures finished to a reasonable standard from amongst my old 80s Germans, but I did have some gunners painted in basic colours without shading or highlights.  I re-based three Airfix PaK 40 crew, added another gunner from the ESCI German infantry set (with his radio removed) and based two other ESCI figures together to act as an artillery forward observation team.  Did a quick black wash on them all and then went back and picked out the detail, finishing off the bases with texturing and static grass.

2017_0510_17321200The gunners form a PaK 40 crew, the gun being the old Airfix kit, towed in this case by an equally ancient Cromwell Models SdKfz 10 half track.  Both gun and half track date from the 80s and could do with a facelift, but I’ll probably leave them to soldier on as they are!

2017_0510_17305900The OP team travel in a Horch heavy field car, dating from  1986 (one of the few models I’ve got that I can remember the exact year I made it, honest) but in this case scratchbuilt.  Bonnet and front end were made from thick plasticard and filed to shape, the body was card, the canvas tilt tissue paper over card supports, the whole lot finished off with wheels from the old Airfix soft plastic ready-made DUKW model!  Back in the 70s/80s Airfix plastic DUKW models were cheap and a great source of wheels for schoolkid geeks scratchbuilding trucks for their wargames armies – only thing that’s changed is that I’m not at school (although I’m still a kid, fortunately)!


    • Thanks Azazel! 🙂 I’ve got an admission to make! I’ve been calling it a Horch for decades but it’s actually a Steyr heavy field car! I always get the two confused! I only realised earlier this week when I was admiring Chris’ Horch and Steyr cars over at his Not Quite Mechanised blog! The body was made from card, but the bonnet and front mudguards needed to be made from plasticard so that I could file them to rounded profiles. The canopy was tissue paper over a card frame and the wheels were the ubiquitous Airfix polythene DUKW wheels (since you could buy them dead cheap and they were a brilliant source of wheels)!


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