image Last Minute Flight!

Not so much a post about one of my projects, but about a game arranged at short notice – WW2 Wings Of Glory, always good for a quick game, although it fries my brain!  My mate John arranged the game and he’s got quite a few Pacific War planes, both official Wings Of Glory models and some nice 1:200 resin planes from the US that he’s painted himself!

2017_0626_21162700The game scenario involved a Japanese raid by Ki-48 “Lily” bombers against a US held island anchorage, with two flights of two Lilys escorted by two Ki-61 “Tony” fighters.  The Japanese objectives were to sink any shipping found in the anchorage and damage the dock facilities.  Although Wings Of Glory WW2 planes are 1:200 scale, the scenery items, buildings and ships were 1:1200, which gave a nice height perspective to the game.  Fairly flat scenery is better for moving the plane models about without having to balance them precariously!  I took pics of the game, but didn’t use flash, so the colours have come out a bit greyish and that’s entirely my fault – the fleece blanket serving as the Pacific Ocean is actually quite a good sea colour in proper light, something I failed to capture completely with the photos!

2017_0626_20323600I was in charge of the Japanese attack, so didn’t hold out much chance of bombing anything except some pretty unlucky stretches of water!  Two Lilys flew up each side of the table, with the Tonys in the centre flying above them ready to move to counter any threats.  On the left flank the two bombers intended to hit the dock and cruiser at anchor, whilst on the other flank the two large merchant ships were the targets.

2017_0626_21363400As the Japanese aircraft moved in, ignoring light flak from the anchored ships, three US P-38 Lightnings appeared and approached the Japanese aircraft head on.  In a high speed pass the two Tonys hit one of the P-38s and it started trailing smoke, but the volume of return fire caused one of the Japanese fighters to literally come apart in the air!  Although the remaining P-38 hammered one of the Lilys, all of the bombers commenced their bombing runs despite not having time to drop to low altitude.  The two bombers targeting the dock just missed that target, but one stick of bombs hit the small ship moored alongside.

2017_0626_22061800One of the other Lilys hit the anchored tanker, but the remaining bomber overshot the ships and all of the bombers then made steep turns to port to make their getaways.  By this time the remaining Tony had looped round to try and tackle the P38s, but the latter were struggling to try and lose altitude and get decent firing solutions on the bombers!  More by good luck than good management, the last Lily carrying bombs managed to line up on the cruiser moored alongside the dock and hit both in a high speed pass, all of the bombers then making good their escape!

So quite a convincing result for the Japanese, with three out of four bombloads on target for the loss of one fighter!  It’d been a while since we’d played an air warfare game, so it made a nice change!  Despite the rules being relatively simple, the game plays well and is more demanding than might be expected (well for me at least)!  John’s done a good job researching, building and painting his planes and it was a good game!

I’d like to think I successfully managed my planes and got a good result, but I think the truth is that I just got lucky for a change!  Fortunately, I can live with that!


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