image Not Pulling My Weight!

Despite wargames stuff going slow at the moment, I’ve managed to finish a vehicle that’s sat around for ages in its undercoat – a French Schneider CD artillery tractor from WW1.

2017_0520_20051600This is a Wespe Models resin kit that I got direct from Romania at a pretty reasonable price!  Assembly was pretty straightforward, although I originally positioned the canvas tilt much higher, in accordance with the picture of the model on the front of the box.  After much deliberation, I carefully remove the tilt and stuck it back on in a lower position, which seemed obvious that that was where it should be, since the rear flap rested on the front of the cargo body!  I simplified the front tilt supports by just drilling two holes in the body front and using thin plastic rods, as opposed to the proper bent rods used on the real vehicle.  I also glued a thin plastic strip between the front of the top track run and the body to provide plenty of support for the track assemblies, which were otherwise only located by a thin axle stub.

2017_0520_20025600Overall, it’s a nice model!  I painted it light grey overall and then put a black/brown wash on to shade it and make it look grubby, finishing off with a drybrushed highlight.  Figures in the photos are a mix of IT Miniatures WW1 French tank crew and the venerable Airfix WW1 French infantry, and the supply crates and drums are from Frontline Wargames.

2017_0520_20023900From what I’ve read, the Schneider CD was intended to haul artillery and carry ammunition over ravaged WW1 battlefields, enabling guns to be brought forward to support advancing troops in the later stages of the war, and it used the same chassis as the Schneider CA tank.  Like the tank, the tractor’s got character, even though it’ll need to put in an appearance at the start of a game to give it enough time to get its cargo across the table before finishing time!  Much like me!



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