Uh Oh! New Project (7)!

Okay, August has seen me finish the first batch of figures for the Paraguayan War project.  As mentioned previously, this batch are test figures for the uniforms, so that subsequent figures can just be copied.  I’m going to quickly skip through this post and hopefully describe the uniforms (and liberties I’ve taken in their painting and interpretation) at some point in the future, once I’ve moved across to painting by units!

2017_0830_11372600As you’d expect, the first figure finished is . . . absolutely correct, a Uruguayan (he’s the guy in the middle of the photo above)!  Makes sense to me – civil war breaks out in Uruguay (again), Brazil sends troops to help one faction, Paraguay launches expedition to help the other faction, Paraguay invades Argentina since it’s on the way to Uruguay!  Oh, and for good measure, Paraguay invades Brazil, just to make sure everyone gets drawn in!  VERY SIMPLIFIED, but you hopefully get the picture, those that don’t will check up on Google, those that do will check up on Google to try and prove me wrong!

The figure on the extreme left above is an Argentine infantryman from the Legion Militar and the two figures behind him are Argentine National Guardsmen.  These are the first Argentineans I have ever painted!  The figures in white uniforms are generic Allied infantrymen and can be used for any of the Allied nation, particularly later in the war.

2017_0830_11351200So, next up are the Brazilians, including the two old zouaves that got painted when I started this project first time round (the two guys on the left in the photo above)!  They’ve had their red, white and blue bits freshened up.  The figure in the middle is an infantryman wearing the blue uniform, although I intend doing some with white kepis and trousers.  The two guys on the right are light infantrymen, wearing light brown fatigue uniforms and black felt hats.

2017_0830_11325500And finally, the Paraguayans (all in the photo above)!  The majority of these are wearing the standard red jacket or shirt with a black shako and white trousers!  All are barefoot and some even have the right number of toes!  Mixing up plastic and metal figures gets me quite a bit of variation in jacket length and personal equipment.  The two figures on the right are based on illustrations and notes in the Wargames Foundry Paraguayan War book, and are wearing medium blue shakos and jackets – I’m only planning on having the one unit in blue, although I like the colour!

Hopefully, there are two new books being published on the war by December, so I look forward to trying to get them, although publication dates seem to be a bit flexible sometimes.  I’m hoping I don’t get halfway through the project to find a new authoritative source gets published and I find out I’ve painted half of the figures incorrectly!  But then I could use them for my much-postponed Victorian Science Fiction project at least (which is not a new project, honest)!




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