The Price Of Love!

You’re either going to think the title means this isn’t really a wargames post or, if you’re old enough, that it’s about Roxy Music!  You’d be half wrong in the first case and definitely wrong about the second!

2017_0920_11252900Today is my wedding anniversary and, by way of coincidence, also my wife’s wedding anniversary.  So I’d planned to have a day off work to paint figures, but she’s put a stop to that and I’m having to be sociable instead.  The photo above shows our respective anniversary presents, mine on the right (you might need to zoom) and those belonging to she-who-approves-the-finances on the left (in case some of you couldn’t work it out)!  I’ve been told that both sets of gifts are of equal value!

So, how is this related to wargames?  Well, before I got married I’d only gamed a few periods/genres – WW2, modern, sci-fi and samurai skirmishes, all good fun and a lot of wargames with a lot of friends from school that I usually lost, but so what!  When I got married, I had to adjust to less available space and for a couple of years never did any wargaming at all.  But then I gradually got going again, but scaled down the scope of everything to keep it all manageable.  So that means I’ve dabbled in WW1, Russian Civil War, Ming Chinese armies, Full Thrust spaceships, Boxer Rebellion, Crimson Skies air combat, WW2 ships, American Civil War ships, Warmachine, Chinese warlord armies, 19th Century European armies and WW1 Wings Of Glory, while my WW2 armies are currently enjoying a resurgence alongside my Paraguayan War project!  And a couple more projects are waiting in the wings!  All thanks to my wife, and I have her permission to say that!  It would appear that she’s never heard of Games Workshop though!

2017_0920_11272400Anyway, here’s a quick shot of my desktop!  The ship is a late 19th/early 20th Century torpedo boat, scratchbuilt about 20 years ago (!) to support my Western Powers forces against the Chinese during the Boxer Rebellion.  It was based on a French vessel, but I’m adding a removable forward gun and some generic crew figures to make it more representative of WW1 ships.  Watch out for it in a future post!

As far as putting a price on anything’s concerned, I think I’ve just got to keep hoping my wife doesn’t find out how much wargames can cost.  You can never have too many precious things!


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