Fall Back, Crawl Forward!

So, the clocks have gone back and the dark nights are here in the UK!  Sounds like time to get painting!  Although September and October have been slow as far as that’s concerned, I have made some progress, and finished my next WW2 infantry battalion, this time early-Pacific War Americans (bit more here).

2017_0819_10562200With my usual 1:20 model figure-to-real soldier ratio, my early war US battalion has 33 figures.  The three eight-man rifle companies each have an NCO with a Thompson SMG, one Browning Automatic Rifle gunner and six riflemen.

2017_0819_10564500The weapons company has two three-man support teams, one with a Browning MMG and the other with an 81mm mortar.  Wasn’t really sure about the availability of mortars this early in the war, but couldn’t get a 60mm mortar team and it seemed right to include something!

2017_0819_10572200Last, but not least, was the two-man battalion HQ.  A close look at all the figures shows different painting and basing styles, as well as different manufacturers, and that’s because some of the figures were painted about 15 years ago for a Crimson Skies ground forces project that never got off the ground (pun intended)!

I like this unit!  It has a pulp fiction feel to it, probably due to the Tommy Guns and BARs (not bars)!

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