Uh Oh! New Project (9)!

My Paraguayan War project is making progress, although it’s maybe not been obvious!  Before last weekend, I’d painted 34 figures but only finished one 10-man infantry battalion!

2017_1104_16330600So last weekend I managed to get eight figures and two guns painted, and those constitute two finished units (although they’re small units)!

2017_1104_16333700First off is a Brazilian foot artillery crew and field gun (shown in the photo above).  I managed to get hold of the plastic IMEX American Civil War artillery set, since these were the only figures I could find wearing tunics (all the other ACW gunners available seem to wear the short shell jacket).  I specifically wanted these figures to represent Brazilian foot artillery crewmen, since they wore a distinctive all-crimson kepi, which I combined with the regulation blue uniform with crimson distinctions.  With them being gun crew, equipment was at a minimum, so they were relatively easy to get painted.

The gun is by SHQ from their ACW range.  I ordered a 3″ Whitworth rifled gun, but having made it and painted it I don’t think that’s what it is, since the Whitworth was a breech-loader and this model isn’t!  Anyway, it’s a nice model and looks the part!  The only source I have that mentions Brazilian artillery describes the carriages as being dark grey, but I opted for olive green.  This doesn’t seem infeasible, since the gun could have been an ex-Union sale after the end of the American Civil War, but Whitworths were also used by French Republican forces in the Franco-Prussian War, so I painted it green to fit in with my other FPW guns (and that also means that my Brazilians can use some of them as well)!  The limber is the Irregular Miniatures model from their Spanish Civil War range, that I originally bought for my WW1 Russians (and which also does for FPW French).  I cheat a bit with horse teams and only use two horses (I hate painting horses) but put them and the limber on a base long enough to also hold the gun, since this makes them easier to move when limbered up.

2017_1104_16281700And since I’d finished an Allied gun crew, it only seemed right to balance that up with a Paraguayan unit (shown in the photo above).  I used the gun from the IMEX set for a Paraguayan gun, since these are generally described as being light and this is a small model!

2017_1104_16275900As with some of my Paraguayan infantry, the gunners are Newline Design ACW figures.  Three of them have their kepis modified to represent shakos, but I left one in a kepi to represent the gun captain.   They’re painted in the standard red shirts and white trousers.

As far as more gunners are concerned, I’m intending to do some extra Paraguyans to man guns in field and river fortifications, along with a generic Allied gun crew in white summer uniforms.  I also need to do rocket launchers for both armies, but they should be simple scratchbuilt affairs.

As far as meeting my target for the year of 70 finished figures, I still need to get a move on.  I’ve now finished 42 figures and two guns and have another 20 figures in their base colours, with a further 11 primed and in the process of getting their base colours.  So, although other bits and pieces are also in progress, I think I’m getting there!


  1. I hope you made your goal of 70. Seems like you have made good progress but still have a ways to go and time is a-runnin’ out! Particularly liked that gun emplacement.

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    • Thanks Ann, I’m getting there and I think having a goal helps! I usually put notes in about scenery if I can, but I’ve lapsed a bit! The gun position is an old Mainly Military resin 25/28mm item, available currently from Caliver Books in the UK. I bought it years ago but only painted it last year to go with Austrian and Prussian troops for 1866 games. I based it on card and blended Vallejo pumice mix around the outside to give it some texture and then just slapped some paint on and washed and drybrushed it. Works OK with the smaller 20mm figures and I’ll maybe get some more since the Paraguayans were defending fortifications a lot of the time!
      Glad you like it,

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