Uh Oh! New Project (10)!

Well, after complaining that I couldn’t get anything varnished in my last post, we had couple of mild, calm days before Christmas and I managed to catch up!  This means that I’ve reached my target for Paraguayan War figures for the year, although I’ve cut it a bit fine!

2017_1225_16504600My target for this year was 70 figures and I’ve finished 58 infantry, eight gunners, two mounted officers and two field guns, so I’m happy with that – they’re all shown in the photo above!  Photos aren’t great I’m afraid, since I didn’t have much decent daylight for them!

2017_1225_16511200For the Paraguayans (shown above) I’ve finished a mounted general, a field gun and crew, a 10-man infantry battalion and a further 11 infantrymen.  The odd numbers of infantry let me provisionally group them into three 7-man battalions.

2017_1225_16510200For the Allies (shown above) I’ve also painted a mounted general and a field gun and crew.  As far as infantry go, I’ve finished a Uruguayan and a generic Allied battalion, as well as painting 10 Brazilian line infantry and another seven assorted types.

I haven’t got round to posting anything on the two completed Allied infantry battalions yet, but that will hopefully follow this at some point – I think I was more pleased at being able to reach my target for the year!  And I deliberately chose the remaining figures to finish so that I could make up enough units to have my first game with them all!  Watch out for that as well!


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