And, In Last Place . . .!

I’m not known for being competitive or sociable, which will probably make anyone who knows me wonder why I’ve signed up for the February painting challenge!  I think it’s really ’cause I need a good kick to get me going with some things (just ask my wife – she’d like to know why one of the challenges isn’t “Paint the 1800mm scale dining room”)!

So, the challenge is, during February, to finish painting something that you started at least six months ago (and I’m choosing to ignore the voice in the background reminding me that, on that basis, the dining room qualifies)!  So the first task was to work out just exactly what I was going to pick!  To some extent, that was made easier by the fact that I’ve recently shuffled some models around in their storage boxes (as you do) and left out what I thought I really should get round to soon-ish!

2018_0130_20155700So, it’s going to be Japanese Type 89 medium tanks from the 1930s (that’s their time period, not when I started them)!  I’ve got three of ’em, all Frontline Wargames 20mm models.  Two appeared more than a couple of years ago and got primed, undercoated and carefully stored away while I worked out just exactly what colours I was going to paint them.  A third one got added a bit more recently, but still while I was trying to work out how they should look (this older post sheds a bit more light on this).  Anyway, having got most of the accompanying infantry painted last year, it really is about time I got on with these tanks!

I’d like to get all three finished together, since they represent a tank regiment on a one model = 20 real tanks ratio.  They’ll need a three tone camouflage (dark green and dark brown added over the basic light brown they’re in now) with thin yellow stripes added over that in the form of a rough wavy cross when viewed from above.  I’d like to add markings, and I have some Skytrex Japanese tank decals, but I need to be happy there’s enough room to get them on.  After that, they’ll need a brown shading/muddying wash and drybrushed detail.  If they don’t get markings I’m not going to worry, since some Japanese tanks carried very few.  As a minimum, I’d like to get them all in their basic camouflage colours.  If the wash needs to wait it’ll just have to!  Since I mix the wash, I’ll need to decide if I can get all three done together, or whether I need to do two then the last one separately!

I think Type 89s have quite a bit of character, which is just as well since they’re slow, thinly armoured and not much good if they come up against other tanks!  I’ve only ever scratchbuilt one from card, and that was when I was still in secondary school (!), so I was pleased when Frontline brought their model out!  It takes much less time to build resin tanks and hide them away for finishing later than it does for scratchbuilt ones!



  1. It’s alright. I’m neither competitive nor particularly sociable myself. The challenge is only really against yourself (and father time) and you don’t need to speak to or even see any of the other participants outside of your screen. Win-Win!
    The 89s are nice looking little tanks. I look forward to seeing what you do to them!

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      • I (sorta) know how you feel. I have a trio of Valentines sitting with only the last bits of assembly to go, flash trimmed neatly away. Just held back by the need to magnetise the turrets and an unsurety of how to add/exactly which are the correct markings.

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      • I’ll be honest, I don’t think I fully understand British/Commonwealth camouflage and markings for WW2! Way, way back I painted some 1940 tanks for the BEF in France but that was made easy by having the Zaloga book on Blitzkrieg armour! You could go with Plan B and paint ’em in a greenish-khaki but with plenty of mud and/or stowage carefully arranged to obscure bits!

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      • I need to locate my notes for them and figure out which unit they will belong to, and then paint appropriately. I’ll likely paint them in desert colours for the North African campaign to go alongside my Desert Rats.

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