. . . By The Skin Of Me Teeth!

Well, in my last post I said “I’d sort of signed up to the Squad! March! challenge . . . but that’s looking unlikely to happen” and up until yesterday that looked how it was going to be!  All I’d managed to finish in March up to that point was my Mammont heavy tank and that didn’t qualify!

But, I’ve actually managed to finish painting a Paraguayan infantry battalion, although the never-ending UK wind + rain + snow means I’ve no idea when the figures will actually get varnished!

2018_0330_13315200My Paraguayan infantry battalions are represented by 10 figures, but I’d already finished four figures from this battalion at the end of last year (which let me use two seven-man units in red jackets in my test game after Christmas, alongside a unit with blue jackets and shakos).  This left six figures to paint in red jackets to finish the second infantry battalion – these are the six figures in the front row of the photo.

Five of the figures are Newline Designs metal and the others are various plastic figures.  All have had plastic discs and green stuff added to make their kepis into shakos, and some of the metal figures have had their trousers either filed down around the ankles or built up with green stuff (some of the Newline figures wear trousers tucked into socks, which can either be filed smooth to represent bare legs, or built up to represent longer, loose trousers).

The only figure that posed a challenge was the spearman in the front row.  He was originally going to be a battalion colour bearer, but I decided that a flag fitted to that pole would look too small, so I thought I’d just use him as a spearman (as the war dragged on, more Paraguayans did not have firearms until they could pick them up from a fallen enemy or comrade).  Unfortunately, the figure had the extra cross-belt to support the colour when advancing and I couldn’t remove or disguise it, so I added a haversack from plastic scrap and blended it in with green stuff, so at least the strap is supporting something!

Hopefully, I’ll get some better pictures taken, if and when the sun finally comes out!

P.S. at the time of posting this in the UK it was still March 31st so I’ve just completed the challenge in time!  Otherwise, I’d have to get the DeLorean out of the garage and get it up to 88mph on a quiet road somewhere!






  1. Impressive group from south of the border, well, mine anyways. Interesting historical period and bizarre war. Glad you shared this as I now know more about that time. Oh, and you did a nice job on these, especially as it’s a relatively obscure war (but not for those 19th century participants to be sure). Congrats on completing the challenge John!

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  2. Love it ,( just add some green stuff ) that’s the way to do it, stuff the technical explanation . I myself use grey stuff Tamiya putty so I would love to know what the green stuff is ? . Great painting mate please tell me the scale of these guys and who made them , they look great and something away from the ordinary . Looking forward to more photos .

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    • Thanks Pat, appreciate that! Sorry I’ve been a bit tardy with my reply (need to look busy for she-who-rates-toy-soldiers-as-miniature-dust-collectors) but I was waiting for an opportune moment! Having said that, I see you found my post that covers the figures I’ve used, so hopefully that question’s already answered! I must admit, I do like Newline Designs’ figures – nice clean detail and well sculpted faces!
      I’m not a putty expert by a long shot! Normally I’d use Milliput for most of the times I need putty (like making a tank turret etc.), but I don’t find it any good for modifying figures – it needs to be damp to shape it, but it doesn’t stick when it’s wet (would be interesting to know how the Tamiya putty behaves)! Anyway, for these figures I used Games Workshop liquid greenstuff – it comes in a little plastic jar, can be put on with a brush and cleans up with water. It’s really meant for filling gaps in models I think, but a couple of coats build up well to make trousers, haversacks etc. I couldn’t use it for accurate work, but it’s great for this.
      That aside, I know you can get the more usual two-part greenstuff that mixes like Milliput (probably from various sources), but I’ve never got round to getting any yet.


      • Thanks for that mate, It is not you that’s tardy it Is I, too many projects on the go and too easily distracted that’s my problem sounds like a handy product which I will look out for as the water base sounds good .

        The Tamiya putty I use mainly to convert the Belgic shakos into stovepipe and even union / confederate kepis and also filling in gaps between limbs and heads when doing conversions . The only problem is it is thinner based so you working time is pretty short as it dries in minutes so it’s good to have some thinners one hand to smooth over at the finish I just use an old pointy blade in a craft scalpel . When doing the shakos I just squeeze it out carefully like toothpaste and again flatten the top with the flat side of the blade .

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