Uh Oh! New Project (13)!

Making steady progress with my Paraguayan War project, with another Brazilian unit painted and, thanks to a nice sunny spell here in the UK, varnished as well!


This unit is a Caçador battalion, represented by 10 metal figures, all from Newline Design’s ACW range.  Caçadores were light infantry in theory, but in practice most infantry probably fought in the same manner in this war.  I’ve opted to represent them in the light brown fatigue uniform introduced around 1866, mainly just to add a bit of variety to my Allied armies.  Headgear is the commonly worn felt slouch hat, although the flag bearer wears a kepi.  Two of these figures were painted  right at the start of this project a year ago, as test figures, with the remaining eight figures getting finished last week!


The flag I painted for my first Brazilian unit was entirely hand-painted and I realised after I’d finished it that that was a mistake, since it’s a complicated flag and I probably need at least four altogether!  So I found a coloured image, adjusted it to the correct proportions and size in PowerPoint and printed it off.  I folded the two sides together and used PVA glue to stick them together, wrapping the flag round a cocktail stick a couple of times to get a wavy look.  I painted the large green and yellow areas in the closest Vallejo colours I had, but left the central coat of arms as printed.  The crown needed some white detail painting in, otherwise I just added some highlights to the tops of the folds!  I’m pleased with this and prefer it to the original I painted – it’s brighter because I painted it in its nominal base colours, whereas I’d painted the first flag in its shade colours and had to add a lot more highlight (the orange and dark green in the original one make it look too dark).  This is just as well, as I’ve already printed the next flags ready to use!

Or maybe this flag just looks better ’cause the sun’s out for a change!  Or because I’ve had a beer, which happens even less than a sunny day!



    • Thanks Azazel! I must admit, I like this flag more, so I’ll stick to this method! I like how the unit’s come out – they’re more sober colours, but still stand out amongst the other units! And it was relatively easy to paint!

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  1. Heh , mate great job on the painting ,I’m impressed that you painted one flag before resorting to the print method ,well done . Early on when I was doing the US civil war dio I found that I needed lots of flags , Oh shit ! ,can’t paint flags ,hard enough to paint the damned figures . My cries of anguish were once more heard throughout the house hold and rescue was at hand ,( just to stop the complaining ),Tech adviser ( older daughter ) showed me the method you have used , to me ,being an average painter, I recommend doing it this way just to stop the anguish . Worth a pint mate , I feel my work always looks better after one or two .!

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    • Haha, thanks Pat! PowerPoint definitely helps and I still have to paint over a lot of it and add the highlight, so I prefer to think of it as helping rather than cheating! I avoided doing flags for my 1870 Prussians because they looked a bit daunting in quantity, but I might go back to them and add some flags now using this method!

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