Uh Oh! New Project (14)!

Latest unit completed for the Paraguayan War project is another Paraguayan infantry battalion and I think this will be my only unit completed for the June-it challenge (getting a unit painted in June)!

2018_0618_17281900I actually painted about 90% of the figures in May, but have only just got them finished and photographed.  It’s not that I’ve been idle (honest), I’ve mainly been preparing other models in  the background!

2018_0618_17272900This is my fourth Paraguayan infantry battalion and I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone thinks I’m just painting one or two figures, mixing in them in with some of the others and then taking some pictures – three of the four units are wearing red jackets and look very similar!

2018_0618_17275500This unit is slightly different (really)!  For starters, there’s no flag/colour bearer!  The figure I’d originally intended using ended up as a spearman in another unit, so it just means I need to paint two colour bearers for the next (and also last) Paraguayan infantry battalion.  There is also a walking-wounded figure in this unit, representing the fact that, with  desperate odds facing them, the Paraguayans had to make use of everyone!  He’s painted like the rest, but he looks way too clean!  I’d considered muckying him up a bit, but then I’d really have to do that to everyone else (and I doubt my ability to make it look realistic) so I’ll just have to live with it!

Since we are lucky enough to have a static caravan/holiday home/country retreat/fortress of solitude/safe house/extra large dog kennel, I work my figure painting around the time I spend there and at home.  Home is good for doing scenery, tanks, washes and preparing and priming figures (usually in enamel, so God help me if I spill any on the carpet, I have been warned)!  The caravan is better for painting small batches of figures in acrylics!  This usually means I tend to finish figures in small groups spread across several weeks, whilst still having more prepped and ready to paint in the wings!  I’d rather just sit down and work through units in one go, but that wouldn’t leave me enough models to finish whenever the next Neglected Model monthly challenge comes along!  It also gives me the option of watching paint dry instead of watching World Cup football on the telly, only one of which I find entertaining (it’d be different if there was ice hockey or motorbike racing to watch)!  Method in the madness!


  1. Very nice John, I really like the uniform colours of red and white. I always associated the expression “Don’t come knocking when the caravan’s rocking” with an activity other than modelling and watching paint dry but just goes to show what I know!

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    • Thanks Mark! The comments have got me thinking about adding some figure variations in to the units, so the final Paraguayan battalion might be made up from guys in some different colours who can then be spread around the other battalions! Will have a think about that!

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  2. That amazing mate ,fancy doing that in a hotel ,you must be terribly organized ,I have trouble just getting it done at home !,and great job on these guys .I have learnt lately to dirty mine up with a odd sepia colour instead of the grey I started out with .

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    • Thanks Pat! I did debate trying some sepia wash on the wounded guy, but would then have had one dirty Paraguayan and 40-odd clean ones! Should have maybe thought about this more at the start!
      I don’t spend much time in hotels these days, but I usually take less fiddly things to do, like building or painting the basic colours on a tank! If I’m away it’s usually for three nights, so I can plan on getting stuff done. I keep all my acrylic paints in a small plastic toolbox anyway, so it’s easy to leave room for brushes, mixing trays (lids off butter spread tubs), tools, glue, reading glasses and a small tin to put based figures in! If I travel, I drive, so can take everything with me fairly easily!

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  3. Hey, aren’t those all the same guys, just arranged differently in other pictures? I should have thought of that! I could have had Junit completed as early as IRO did! Oh yea, if I flip a guy around to his back and then his front, I can claim two different models… 😉

    Awesome work on these. I like the Black/Red/White color scheme and the wounded guy is definitely a hit. The bases are really nice too. What’s the story on them being barefoot by the way?

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    • See, I just knew I’d get found out! I’m going to have to post a picture of all of the painted Paraguayans at some point just to prove I’ve painted them!
      Thanks for your kind comments though! Bases are just a mix up of different basing textures (Games Workshop, Vallejo etc) drybrushed with a sand colour and some GW static grass added.
      And you’ve noticed the feet! Paraguayan rank-and-file went barefoot, which was probably natural to many of them, and only officers or some elite units wore shoes or boots. I’ve got pictures showing cavalry wearing boots or going barefoot, with spurs worn round their ankles!

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      • Haha, you have to paint some more, before you can post a pic of them all! I better not see any “shadow figures” or poorly photoshopped ones! 😉

        Wow, I figured there was a historical tie-in there. That sucks having to fight a war, barefoot. Things were truly harder in the old days! Yea, If you have those pics, please share.

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