When The Cat’s Away . . . !

Last weekend my wife went off for a short break away with one of her friends, leaving me and the dogs to our own devices!  She left at 09:30 on the Sunday and I expected her to be home around 15:30 on the Tuesday – by my reckoning that meant I had two nights in to myself and a total of 54 hours to fill!  Planning ahead, I decided working from home was not an option, far better just taking a couple of days holiday!


Painting soldiers/tanks/scenery – 18 hours
Playing a test Paraguyan War game – 8 hours
Eating – 6 hours (seven meals plus two film snack sessions, all eaten too quickly)
Sleeping – 4 hours (over two nights)
Making a fuss of the dogs – 1 hour (it’s dog eat dog, baby)!
Watching World Cup football on the telly – 2 hours (can’t always be avoided and the dogs wanted to watch Mexico play)!
Working from home – 0 hours
Decorating and doing DIY – 8 hours (making the most of it while there’s no-one to get in the way)!
Washing the dishes – 1 hour (can’t always be avoided, but the dogs can help)
Doing housework – 0 hours
Playing loud music – 50 hours (i.e. 54 hours minus 4 hours sleeping – runs concurrently with other activities that involve being awake)
Watching Star Wars films – 6 hours

It’s pretty obvious this was based round painting figures and gaming!  I’d have liked to leave out sleeping, but left it in as a contingency!


Painting soldiers/tanks/scenery – 0 hours
Playing a test Paraguyan War game – 0 hours
Eating – 7 hours (eating slowly and not just trying to cram it all in)!
Sleeping – 14 hours
Making a fuss of the dogs – 17 hours (not doing this is a capital offence)!
Watching World Cup football on the telly – 0 hours
Working from home – 0 hours
Decorating and doing DIY – 8 hours
Washing the dishes – 3 hours
Doing housework – 5 hours
Playing loud music – 0 hours
Watching Star Wars films – 0 hours


Painting soldiers/tanks/scenery – 4 hours (can’t believe that’s all I did)!
Playing a test Paraguyan War game – 0 hours (damn)!
Eating – 5 hours (ready meals and only one film’s worth of snacks and even then I shared with the dogs)!
Sleeping – 11 hours
Making a fuss of the dogs – 10 hours (they have their routines as well, bless ’em)!
Watching World Cup football on the telly – 2 hours (something to do while scoffing pizza)!
Working from home – 10 hours (one long working day spread over the two days, I have to put this in ’cause my boss reads my blog, which just goes to show he’s a thoroughly decent bloke)!
Decorating and doing DIY – 6 hours (got all the bits done I’d planned on!  The trick appears to be to paint two short sections of skirting board first, stick small dogs to the gloss paint to stop ’em running round, carry on with everything else as planned, then cut two small dogs away from dried paint**)!
Washing the dishes – 1 hour (my wife can’t believe I only use one mug, one side plate, one dinner plate, one cereal bowl and one set of cutlery when she’s away)!
Doing housework – 2 hours (only because I’d been doing DIY and wanted to leave the place tidy anyway)!
Playing loud music – 1 hour (I decided I enjoyed  peace and quiet, well, either that or I’m going deaf)!
Watching Star Wars films – 3 hours (watched The Last Jedi, yes, I know I’m a bit behind)!

So, in the end I got most of my DIY done pretty sharpish, and would have liked to have just done wargames stuff, but the dogs put on that “please sit and make fuss of us” look that I couldn’t ignore!


I sat in the living room, on one half of the sofa, with my laptop, busy working away, while the dogs settled down next to me on the other half of the sofa!  I suppose that’s the price of love!


But I do only use one of each plate etc. when left to me own devices!  I hate washing dishes!

** This didn’t really happen!  No small dogs were harmed during any of the activities described in this blog!





    • Thanks Dave! I know, I need more practice at this, maybe have to suggest my wife thinks about treating herself to another break away! I’m going to leave the musings to you, because you have a knack for putting your thoughts down in writing, whatever the subject!

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  1. Great to find another Spartan , I’m the same with dishes If I’m left on my own ,can’t see the point off using any more than necessary and like yourself John I’m not fond of washing them either . Good to see the dogs agree with you ,only one bowl each !.

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  2. Oh man, this cracked me up. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through those mental hurdles of how to make the best use of a block of free time. I think my last one was something like ‘get 12 bases primed, plus whatever other random items I have prepped to throw in there, get the last 3 Goliaths painted, checkout Conan Exiles game, play Fumbbl match, watch a few older movies that the Wife will never watch with me, read a trade paperback for an upcoming podcast’. Most of those sort of happened.

    But it’s always “Ok, if I trim/wash these minis on that night, I can prime them once right away in the morning, flip them over and prime the other sides in the afternoon, wonder I if should eat and make coffee first when I wake up?”. Crazy-making.

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    • I’m glad you liked it and thanks for a bit of an insight into how you manage things! Most of the time I never have to plan on more than a couple of hours activity, so I break it into small chunks and seem to make progress that way!

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