Congo Clash!

The title might sound like a smartphone game app or some punk tribute band, but it’s not!  Over a couple of nights spread over a couple of weeks, the Belgian Force Publique battled with Azande warriors in the Congo, all in miniature of course!

2018_0625_21321100My long-time wargames opponent John has been building various armies for years for fighting games set in Sub-Saharan Africa between 1880-ish and 1918.  Having tried different rules, he finally got the “Death In The Dark Continent” rulebook, decided it looked pretty good and embarked upon creating multi-figure bases to fit in with the new rules (although the single figures still remain removable).  With the bases done, it was time to have a proper game at last!

2018_0625_20325500I was in charge of a Belgian force tasked with tracking down and bringing to order a band of Azande tribesmen who had been raiding local farms and settlements.  I had a command group, two units of regular soldiers, two units of raw conscripts, a local militia unit and a baggage train.  The Azande had a mixture of skirmishers, close combat troops and some Arabs with firearms.  I think the figures are mainly 25/28mm Wargames Foundry and Copplestone Castings, but I’m likely to be corrected on this!

2018_0625_20213400Perhaps unsurprisingly, my Belgian-led force got ambushed!  The local militia unit leading my right flank column was charged at close range and quickly disintegrated, but the supporting regular infantry held firm and halted any further Azande progress on that flank (for now)!

2018_0625_20214600Meanwhile, my left flank regulars had deployed into a firing line and were blazing away (somewhat ineffectually) at the Azande forces rapidly switching to this flank.  However, a charge by one of my conscript units led to disaster and things started folding up from then on!

2018_0625_21111800Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, my troops started pulling back, having already sent the baggage train on its way.  With casualties mounting (five red counters on a unit and it’s had it) my commander decided that maybe advancing back towards a comfortable billet was the way to go and the Belgians withdrew in some disorder, leaving the Azande victorious!

Well, despite me losing, it was a good game, with a lot happening!  The rules are very good, detailed enough to take into account the varying troop types, but with simple, effective movement, firing, close combat and morale mechanisms!  Another game will no doubt be on the cards!

And after discussing the game and the rules, I hinted (rather obviously) that it had been a while since John had run a Wild West skirmish game and wouldn’t it be good to compare one with the Africa game!  Watch this space!




  1. Now Africa in the Victorian era isn’t a period or location I’ve particulalry considered but when I think Livingstone, Tarzan and Indiana Jones it strikes me there is a lot going for it. Think I’ll go check out what figures are out there. Could be fun! Do you ever win a game by the way?😉

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  2. Sounds like fun mate. I never care about winning or losing. It’s all about the story for me. Nice photos but can I request some up close shots in the next battle. The aerial ones are always good but I like to get into the nitty gritty of it.

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      • Nope, that’s fine IRO, a reasonable request I think! My old camera was great for macro pics, but poor at focusing in lower light levels whereas my new camera is better at focusing but not as good in macro mode! I’ll get there no doubt! I could just post close-up detail pics and claim that if they look fuzzy it’s your eyesight that’s the problem, but I wouldn’t do that to a kit-bashing legend!

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      • Haha I appreciate that. Do you use an actual camera? I just use my iPhone and then slightly edit the lighting. Focus is pretty good. I also have a macro app. It’s finny because I’m not really into tech stuff unless it benefits my hobby or business.

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      • Yep, being a dinosaur, I use a camera! Your pics always capture the detail of your figures well I must admit! My wife’s phone takes really good pics, but I never bother with mine (and it still has buttons)!

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  3. They always seem to have a dark continent participation game at the club show and every year the guys running it have an amazing board. Due to working the stands I never get a chance to play so it’s good to finally read a game!

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