Uh Oh! New Project (16)!

OK, following up from my last post, this is a dead quick round-up of where I’ve got to with the Paraguayan War project to date.


Firstly, the Paraguayan Army (shown above).  There are now four 10-man infantry battalions, one six-man cavalry battalion, a light field gun with four crew and a mounted commander (and all 52 models are in the picture, although it doesn’t look much).


As for the Allies (shown above), I’ve finished a Uruguayan infantry battalion, two generic Allied infantry battalions, a Brazilian line infantry battalion, a Brazilian light infantry battalion, a Brazilian field gun with four crew, a generic Allied field gun with four crew and a mounted commander.  All the infantry battalions have 10 figures, with the exception of the Brazilian line battalion, which has 15.  There are also two Brazilian zouaves dating from when I first attempted to get this project under way in the 90s and they’ll get incorporated into their own battalion at some point!  Some of the Allied troops are shown below in more detail.


As far as storage is concerned, I’m going to have to get a second box started, since the current one is pretty full and it doesn’t even contain the next units that need to be done!


By my original plan, I reckoned on having 170 figures finished by the end of the year, which is another 46 to paint.  But at this point I think I can be more flexible and work on units that I need.  So the plan is to paint the Argentine Legion Militar battalion, an Argentine National Guard battalion, an Argentine cavalry regiment, the last Paraguayan infantry battalion and Argentine and Brazilian command stands, totalling 37 figures (three additional test figures have already been painted).  Most of these have already been primed and the Paraguayans have had their kepis converted to shakos with plasticard discs and greenstuff (see picture below).


It would also be nice to get a couple of rocket launchers scratchbuilt, one for each side.  This leaves a couple of Brazilian infantry battalions to add, some extra Paraguayan gunners and probably some more cavalry, but they’ll have to wait until next year – I’ve still got plenty of old projects to work on!


    • Thanks mate! The sun on the Uruguayan flag could have been better, but it’s not bad if you don’t look to close! Probably going to paint another couple of Uruguayan flags as well, since I’ve decided that the generic units should get some flags as well (so each one needs a Brazilian, Uruguayan and Argentine flag bearer)!

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  1. Looking great here mate – do you think you’ll have the project completed by the end of the year? It’ll be great to see further army layouts of them once completed, and of course the Batrep and battlefield layout photos… 😀

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    • Thanks Azazel! By the year end I think I’ll have the core units finished and they’ll be enough for games. But there’ll still be other units to add and I haven’t even started on scenery items yet (and I would like to add a Brazilian ironclad)! I think after this year, I’ll do bits and pieces along with everything else, but will try and get some game pictures up as and when they happen.

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  2. Impressive work as usual, hoping that you’ll get it completed and into a scenario or two. Gaming wise, really think these would be a hit at any convention. I would like to see the flags as you described. Did they change in the past or are they the same as now?

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    • Thanks Mark, those are most kind comments! Without checking up the details of the flags I know the Brazilian one changed in 1889 (I think) with the fall of the empire, so mine are the older imperial flags. The current Brazilian flag has evolved over the years though as more states/provinces have been incorporated – it’s quite a complex flag! The Uruguayan flag used to have more stripes but (fortunately for me) it changed prior to the Paraguayan War to the one I’ve painted and I think it’s still the same now. The Paraguayan flag is still the same although is should have a different motif painted on both sides on the white panel (which I’ve left off completely ’cause I’ll just make a hash of them)! Still to do Argentine flags, which I think are the same as today’s flag. I’ve never painted so many flags since doing my Boxer Rebellion Chinese, but it’s nice to have armies with flags!

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