Even More Odds’n’Sods!

This will be the last of the odds’n’sods for a while, mainly because I’ve exhausted the variations on titles for the posts!  I had intended painting vehicles this month for Azazel’s community painting challenge, but so far I’ve been finishing off other bits and pieces that refused to go away!  Eleven figures in this lot and a bit of a mixed bunch.

DSCF4175 - Edited

First up are three US cavalry troopers for the Boxer Rebellion, plus a US artilleryman for the same conflict.  Couldn’t get any proper figures in 20mm scale for these, so the cavalrymen are Newline Designs metal Zulu War Frontier Light Horse troopers and the artilleryman is converted from an old Airfix WW1 US infantryman (just cut away his rifle and trimmed his hat down).  Whereas the cavalry were painted from scratch, the artilleryman had originally been painted years ago and has just had his shoulder straps painted red!  US cavalrymen wore a cartridge belt of a similar style to the ones shown, although usually round the waist instead of slung over the shoulder, but a lot of uniform regulations seemed to be disregarded in the hot Chinese summer of 1900!

DSCF4183 - Edited

Next group are Russian infantrymen from the same conflict, these in metal from SHQ Miniatures.  Simple uniforms for them, although I always get the white too clean-looking, mainly because I’d probably make a hash of making them look grubby.

DSCF4185 - Edited

Last figures are a mixed bag (and maybe have not benefited from me cropping the picture and letting it appear much bigger than expected)!  The figure on the left is a tirailleur tonkinois (Tonkin sharpshooter) from a unit formed by the French that saw action in the 1883-85 Sino-French War.  I painted four other figures years ago and just wanted to add another figure to make a small unit of skirmishers, so this guy got done.  Since he was originally prepared years ago, the grass on his base is sand painted green and drybrushed yellow (as opposed to being covered with static grass).   The figure is a Britannia Miniatures Viet Cong fighter, but makes a reasonable 19th Century Chinese or Indo-Chinese soldier.

The figures on the right are a Russian Civil War Red Army light machine gun team, plastic figures by Strelets in their usual “chunky” style (which I like).  The LMG appears to be a French Chauchat, which is probably not strictly correct, but it was easier to leave it than change it!  I’ve got a few RCW figures to add to my existing units and this team were the first to get done.  Their faces could have come out better, so maybe I should have left the original picture uncropped!

Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to put up a few posts in the future that show all of these figures in their proper units.  But that’s assuming it stops raining here in the UK and I can get some decent light to take pictures by!  Might just try and get some tanks painted while I wait!




    • Thanks Dave! I’m hoping I’ve finished the last batch of mix’n’match figures for a bit ’cause I’m trying to focus more on specific themes over the next few weeks at least! But I’ll no doubt get back to a more chaotic painting schedule at some point!

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    • Thanks Dave! I think I have (finally) learnt to accept the fact that I won’t get all the figures I want in 20mm/1:72 but if I ‘m prepared to settle for figures that look broadly representative of what I want, particularly at arm’s length, they’ll do the job! 😉

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  1. Nice work mate ,and I like your comment on painting white, I seem to have the same problem .I have been painting up some Dark Alliance mummies and at first they were glaringly white and then as you say to grubby, but that’s the great thing about fantasy figures ,no one can say you have painted them the wrong way !!

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  2. Another great bunch of very interesting and fab looking figures. Reckon I have some of those Strelets Red Army ones somewhere myself unpainted – you’ve done a top job with them. That Tonkin Sharpshooter is really unusual and I love the tricolour hat.

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  3. IRO nailed my opinion – and I’e said it before, I love your painting style. These would be so fantastic to play with John!

    Sorry for the belated post as I’ve been catching up on a lot lately. Thanks for sharing and I am sure I will see another post of yours shortly with more great stuff!

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