Concentrating on preparing figures at the moment, but doing things backwards (hence the title)!  I think it’s also the title of a Red Dwarf episode!


For the next few weeks/months I’m concentrating on getting some Franco-Prussian War figures done (shown above) to finish off the bulk of both my French and Prussian armies, but I’ve got priorities on which are the most important units to finish.  I want to get all of the figures shown based, primed and in their shade colours before I start finishing them off, the intention being that the last unit to get prepared goes straight on to getting finished!

So, the most important figures to finish are the French line infantry (the eight blue plastic figures on the mid-right) which is why they’ve made the least progress so far.  This is because I don’t actually have any standard French line infantry for the early period of the war, so I need to get a move on!  Next most important is a Prussian gun, limber and crew, and they’re ready for final highlights with faces and hands already painted.  I want an extra gun battery to give my Prussians an artillery advantage when they need it!  Following them I want an extra Prussian infantry battalion (the two rows of grey figures smack in the middle of the picture) for weight of numbers, and they’re now ready for final highlights, with flesh painted as well.


The units listed above are “must haves” so the next batch of units are “also nice to haves”!  I’d like more French cavalry, since the French used them bravely, if somewhat recklessly, to cover their retreating infantry.  So, on the right are six French dragoons in the process of getting their shade colours painted on.  To even things up a bit, I’ve got some Prussian hussars, but they’re only primed at the moment (over on the left of the picture)!

Lastly, I want a French Mitrailleuse and crew (the Mitrailleuse can best be though of as an early machine gun, although it is more akin to a breech-loading volley gun) and a French command unit.  Despite their lower priority, they were easy to prepare, so the men already have their flesh painted and the gun is partially finished.  I don’t need a limber for the Mitrailleuse, since it will replace a normal artillery piece if I use it and I have enough artillery limbers already.

It might sound an odd approach, but I think it’s kept me focused and, hopefully, by the time the French infantry are finished, the rest will all be half-finished as well!  I’ve never been so keen to get stuff half-finished!


  1. Well mate I’m with you on the half finished bit, I’m afraid Ive become a master at it but hope to remedy that this summer. I have never really got into the Franco – Prussian war so I look forward to seeing you getting the second half done !

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  2. Great prep work John, and sounds like you have a good plan to get the models finished, so long as you don’t have any shiney distractions it should be a target you can meet ! LOL

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  3. That certainly sounds like one way to make progress, I might try something like that myself. I keep getting distracted by the things I really want to paint rather than the things I should be painting, and end up never completing anything!
    I have to say that, when I first glanced at the title I read it as an anagram of drawbacks, lol!

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  4. I think inventing different ways to keep ourselves motivated and on track is essential, otherwise we inevitably lose focus, so good luck with this approach. Always interested in your clever selection of figures for conflicts.

    Keep going, looking forward to these being painted ready for battle!

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  5. Anything that keeps the work progressing is worth it. Vive la France!

    That Red Dwarf episode you mentioned is one of my favorites. I loved when they did a comedy routine based on doing things forwards, which was backwards in the backwards universe. Did I get that right? 🙂

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  6. I long ago worked out that doing projects you want not what you need is the best way to enjoy the hobby. Painting what you have to do tends to make it feel like work, and for me finish with even poorer results than normal so keep doing what inspires you 😉

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    • That is very sound advice I think! 🙂 To be fair, I’m actually making good progress on half finishing things at the moment – the worst case scenario is that I get a few figures prepared to finish at my leisure (sometime in the future)!


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