Keep On Truckin’!

Whereas I might get some more stuff painted before Christmas Day, I think I’m unlikely to get a still day so that I can varnish it or get some proper daylight to take photos in! Which means this is probably my last post before Christmas!

I’ve managed to get in a couple of quick wins and get two trucks painted, one American and one German. These were actually finished before the KNIL infantry in my last post, but it seemed to make more sense to post the infantry first to tie them in with the jeeps in the post before.

Nothing spectacular here, but trucks fulfil an essential if unglamorous role in any army. First up is a US 21/2 ton truck for my early Pacific war US forces (shown above). This is a 1:72 scale Pegasus Hobbies model and is a quick build plastic kit. It went together easily enough although I had to remove the locating pins for the rear axle assembly to get all of the wheels on the ground. The front wheels look as though they stick too far out to the side but they line up with the outer rear wheels so I’ve left them as they were. The truck is painted in the same way as the two recently finished jeeps, although it also has a canvas tilt that I washed with brown before drybrushing on the final highlight.

It doesn’t carry the white stars more common in the later war period and that seems to be the case for most (if not all) US vehicles in the 1941/2 Philippines campaign. I wasn’t sure about specific truck types in use with US forces this early in the war, but I did find photos showing these trucks in use there at the start of the war. Since the kit comes two to a box I’ve got another one I can build at some time – if I leave off any markings then both could also be used as Lend-Lease vehicles for my WW2 Russians. One thing I noticed way too late were faint mould lines running down both sides of the bonnet (OK, hood to US readers) that I originally thought were panel lines – since it was too late to remove them I just avoided drybrushing them and making them look obvious! Whatever the model’s faults it does capture the appearance of the real vehicle quite well.

The other truck to get painted was a German Krupp L2H143 Kfz. 70 personnel carrier, commonly called the Krupp-Protze (see picture above). This is the old Matchbox 1:76 scale kit and I originally built it in the ’80s as part of my late war Panzer division (see picture below)!

Back in the ’80s I had about a dozen of these painted in late war camouflage, but when I got married I scaled down my forces. I had four trucks for the motorised Panzergrenadier battalion I kept and I stashed another four away for use by German-equipped forces such as Hungarians and Bulgarians if required. Since I’ve never managed to do any other forces (despite my best intentions) I thought I’d repaint one of the trucks to use alongside my 1940 German tanks. I painted it in exactly the same manner as the US truck, but in grey rather than olive drab (the picture showing it in grey also appears to show a speck of dust on the canopy that isn’t there on the model). I’m pleased with how it’s turned out so I might paint another one grey at some point!

So it just remains for me to hope that everyone enjoys some time relaxing over the holiday period, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! UK lockdown rules regarding Christmas have just changed at short notice, but I would imagine there’s time for them to change again! Stay safe everyone!


  1. More great work- I decided to reorganise my World War Two yesterday. I found loads of things I never knew I even had! Marriage has got me collecting more than ever; I’m not sure what that says about me?
    Great painting!

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    • Thanks Roger! πŸ™‚ Apologies for the late reply, but I’ve only just spotted your comment and it’s nothing to do with starting on the Christmas booze early (hic, oops, pardon me)! Hope you enjoy the Christmas break!


  2. The trucks look great, John! I especially like how you painted the tarps (or whatever the proper term is for the thing on the back of the truck) as they look really realistic. I hope you have a relaxing holiday and stay safe! It sounds a little scary in your country right now which is saying something considering how things are here in the US 😦

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    • Thanks Jeff! πŸ™‚ Tarp or tilt will do I think! They needed a dark wash to tone them down and shade them! Things are potentially stupid here with (I think) the EU essentially blockading the UK to force a BREXIT deal! But we’ve got our food in for the holiday, there’s plenty for our dogs as well, I’ll be off work for over a week, we’d planned on staying put anyway and I’ve already got quite a few figures cleaned up and stuck on pennies (for bases) ready to be painted in 2021 (hopefully)!

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      • That is wild, John. I haven’t seen a lot of coverage in the news here about what is going on besides a new strain of COVID so to hear what you’re experiencing sounds a bit worrying to me! I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay and I hope that hobbying is a nice respite from the madness too.

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        • Apparently, trucks are starting to get moving again from the UK to France, but there are 3000+ trucks parked up waiting to go! I really do feel sorry for the truckers, because this will take days to sort out and some of them will be wanting to get back to their own countries for Christmas! I’m doing quite well and managing to get quite a few figures cleaned up and stuck on bases, alongside reading up on my military history!

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          • That is a shame but it is often the way that these kinds of decisions end up impacting everyone and even people who you’d least expect. I heard some kind of deal was reached so maybe that will help a bit. I’ve been doing a lot of the same kind of thing this week with hobbying. The historical bug has bit me too so I’ve been “researching” the market to see what games and minis are out there πŸ™‚

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          • It would appear some deal has been reached anyway! I think you’ll find there’s an awful lot of historical minis and games about – I can’t really recommend any I’m afraid since I use my own rules mostly for the periods/armies that I game, but you’ll probably find it interesting at least having a look! πŸ™‚

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          • There certainly are! It is a completely different mindset than with Games Workshop games too where they make the minis and the games and that’s that. With historicals, you pick the minis you want and then put them with the rules you like. It can be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer but the looking is fortunately part of the fun so I don’t mind πŸ™‚

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  3. it has come up well John, well done, and as for Xmas its going to be the weirdest yet what with everything packed up but the Christmas tree! The tech Adviser has declared there will be no work on Xmas eve or on the day!! Sounds great to me!
    I hope you have a great one mate!

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  4. I like these trucks John, and the American model brings back memories of many a ride in the back of a deuce-and-a-half. Amazing how little they changed visually from WWII to the early 90’s. We also had (being engineers) more 5-ton dump trucks to which we’d add removable seat benches and tarps for troop and equipment transport. Of course engineers trying to stay up with armor and infantry in Abrams and Bradleys was not particularly effective. Seeing how we are all in a mess – and you Brits in lockdown gives us some hobby time even if at an otherwise fun holiday period. Stay safe, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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