Good News, Bad News!

The bad news is that I’ve run out of cardboard, so can’t scratchbuild any more scenery items for the Season of Scenery challenge! The good news is that I’ve run out of cardboard, so can now get on with some painting! Well, OK, in theory at least!

Having got some entrenchments and a watchtower built to use with my Paraguayan War forces (with the emphasis on “built” as opposed to “not painted”) I decide I really needed to get some proper buildings done. The aim with these was to have small, simple buildings that I could use in a variety of settings. To cut down the amount of work, I decided to use existing separate roofs I already had for other buildings, so I only had to construct walls and bases.

I finally settled on needing two small, thatched roof buildings that would pass for rural cottages, another two that would pass for either the same or small storehouses/barracks and a final building that could represent a small hacienda (or similar). Roofs for these would come from some resin Vietnam buildings that still need to be painted, with a scratchbuilt tiled roof from one of my Balkan Wars buildings for the hacienda.

I haven’t taken any mid-progress shots of these, but they’re just built from mounting board. The picture above shows the basic shells with the door and window openings cut out and some black paint put onto those areas that I wouldn’t be able to reach once the bases were in place. At the moment, the door and window openings remain plain and I’ll add any frames and doors later. Two of the thatched roofs have lean-to sections, so I built extra walled sections onto the buildings to match, although the roofs of those two are slightly warped and leave slight gaps when in place (which aren’t really visible when viewed in place on a tabletop). The hacienda took a bit more work, since I cut out an arched/pillared veranda for the front face, with corresponding doors and windows on the wall behind it.

The picture above shows the roofs temporarily in place. Since I realised I’d never get these painted within the timeframe of the scenery challenge I’ve stopped work on them for now so that I can decide on the finish I want to use for the walls and the styles of the doors and windows.

For the last piece of scenery I wanted to make I needed an egg box!

I only wanted one of the egg “pockets” from the box, so I cut out one of the corners off and trimmed the height down a bit, sticking it onto a bit of mounting board for a base. I slapped a bit of card on the top to cover the dimple and then added another offcut from the box to tidy up the side.

Where I cut through the box stiffening section left a small opening that would pass for an entrance. At this point the basic structure’s complete and just needs a textured covering.

So, it might look like a poorly-constructed, wonky igloo but what is it? Well, a painting showing Paraguayan positions during the battle of Curupayty shows what looks like a mud-baked igloo (set back behind the entrenchments and gun positions) being used as a magazine/ammunition store. It’s smaller and more regular in shape than the one I’ve made but that doesn’t bother me too much. I can safely say this is the first time that I’ve ever built anything using an egg box since junior school arts and crafts lessons! That’s probably why the end result looks a bit rough! And just to push the boundaries of my comfort zone a bit I didn’t measure anything when making this!

With less than a week left until the scenery challenge finishes, I’m now going to concentrate on painting everything I’ve built with the exception of the five buildings described at the start of this post. Some already have paint on them and I’m hoping I’ll have more time to finish them during the upcoming holiday weekend in the UK!


  1. Great work on all John, sounds like you have a plan for what your going to paint before the deadline.
    When I was looking at the roof for the Hacienda, I thought you were using the roof off of the Dojo I produce until I read it was a scratch built one by yourself.

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  2. Those buildings look great, keen to see them done when you get to them! I have a rather large collection of egg cartons left over from when we had chickens, I haven’t thought of them as terrain material before but I’m going to look at them in a new light now!

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  3. I must know too much about England because I know what Tesco is without ever visiting or seeing one in-person. Blimey! πŸ˜‰ I completely agree that you took something that is probably heading for the recycling bin and turned it into some cool looking terrain. I look forward to seeing how it looks painted up πŸ™‚

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  4. Call Greta Somberg (or whatever her name is!) Wargamers have been recycling for years! Some people call it rubbish we call it potential! (and my wife has a another name that I can’t use in mixed circles 😁).

    All looking rather good mate, is the plan to use the one set of rooves on two sets of buildings?

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Thanks Roger! πŸ™‚ I’d guess your wife and mine use similar language! The plan should be to use one roof for as many different buildings as I can! I originally made the hacienda’s tiled roof to let a Hovels Russian cottage represent a Balkan house by switching it for the thatched roof on the original model as required – so I’ve now built a hacienda to put under the same roof, so one roof does three buildings now! Same plan for the resin thatched roofs on the other buildings here! Easier to store and quicker to build!

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  5. Well matey being late as usual I realize our grand bunch of experts have beaten me to it with all their honest comments, so I ‘ll just have to say that when the wife and I attend the farmers market and we get an egg carton with one section missing and we only get eleven eggs we can put it down to you mate!!Thanks Mate!!!

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