Half A World Away!

Very unlike me, but I was quite excited yesterday! I took delivery of a parcel from Australia!

As some of you will know, Dave (aka GURU PIG) ran a photo caption competition where one of four lucky winners could each win a 1/72 scale H35 tank kit. Somewhat incredibly I won first prize! Not only that, but the other three winners, completely independently, let Dave know that they’d like to donate their prizes to me! So after a trip half way round the world they have safely arrived in sunny (and soon to be baking hot) England. I smiled when I read the customs declaration, which said the package contained “toy tanks”!

Dave very generously put a First Prize trophy in the package and I will treasure that because I have never, ever, received a trophy for anything! So, a big “thank you” Dave, for setting up the competition, judging me worthy of first prize and sending it out to me! And equally big “thank you”s to Eric, Mark and Roger for very kindly donating their prizes to me! I really do appreciate your kindness!

As far as the models go, they look very nice indeed. Simple assembly with one piece tracks but nice detail. There are a few photo-etched brass parts that are way too small for my fingers but they are mainly lifting lugs and tools so it won’t be too obvious if I can’t manage to stick them on! There are a few very nice touches to the kits; firstly, they come with the option to mount either the standard 37mm gun or the later, longer model (which some H35s carried, although it was more common on the later H39); secondly, they come with the standard turret cupola or the option to mount the two-piece hatch fitted by the Germans on captured vehicles; and lastly, they include a neat decal/transfer sheet that contains both French tricolour roundels and three differently coloured sets of French tactical symbols (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades). All of these features mean I’ve got a lot more choice for how I can finish these vehicles (and I’ve got more than enough reference books) . I already have two resin cavalry H35s with short guns, so I think I’d like to build at least one of these kits as an infantry vehicle with the longer gun. And H35s were still in service with Axis forces in Yugoslavia in 1944 so I could be tempted to paint one for that theatre. Loadsa choices!

Once again, thanks guys!


  1. Always nice to have a special prize.
    Love the addition of the trophy.
    And how very kind of the other prize winners to donate things your way!
    Congratulations all around.

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  2. Glad they arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy them. Sounds like they have found a far better home and more loving care than they would have received here. Thanks to everyone for participating and another shout out to Eric, Mark, and Roger!

    I will organise another competition soon.

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    • Took less time to get half way round the world than some things I order in this country, so thanks for getting them to me so quickly! I’m actually looking forward to working out how to paint them – French tanks are quite a challenge!

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  3. All the guys on Dave’s blog were true gents, and good to see they have made their way half way round the world safely, look forward to seeing what you do with them John

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  4. There was a trophy! no one said anything about a trophy! if I’d known I would have tried harder! 🀣🀣

    Seriously good for you mate, glad you got the tanks safely, and are already planning options with them, see we knew where the best place was for them to go! (and not that we all just didn’t fancy painting that French camo!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Cheers Roger.

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    • That’s the way these things go sometimes, Roger! πŸ˜‰ Having researched French tank camouflage and marking schemes a couple of years ago I knew fine well what to expect! Fortunately there appear to be plenty of options, few of them simple! The fact that the kits come with a good set of transfers/decals helps though. If that wasn’t bad enough, in GURU PIG’s latest competition I appear to have won a Japanese Type 97 tank model, so that’s another four-tone camouflage that’ll need doing (sadly, once again, I know where I am with Japanese tank camouflage) but I could do with an extra Chi-Ha! πŸ™‚

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  5. Congrats! And expect the fully painted and assembled regift to be arriving in the US any day now, haha!! πŸ™‚ Seriously, I bet those are going to turn out great and looking forward to seeing your work on them. πŸ˜€

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  6. Late to the party but I saw that you were getting these on Guru’s blog and very happy to have played a small part in making a cool guy like you happy – but the credit is Guru’s to be sure. As for painting these – so many choices from the 30’s through and past the Armistice – you’ll no doubt have a lot of fun as will we when you share them!

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