Ship Ahoy!

A dead quick post today! I went to a DIY store this morning for some paint and on the way passed the River Tyne ferry landing at South Shields. Berthed on the north side of the river was a naval vessel I didn’t recognise, so after lunch I walked back down with my camera to get a photo.

The vessel is HNLMS Karel Doorman (pennant number A833) and according to Wikipedia she’s a multi-function support ship and the largest vessel in the Dutch Navy! I think this is the first Dutch naval vessel I’ve spotted on the Tyne. I don’t always like the clean lines of modern naval vessels with their structures designed to reduce their radar signatures, but this one I do like!


    • Thanks Dave! 🙂 She left the Tyne this morning and we were lucky enough to see her just after she cleared the river mouth (we were out taking the dogs for a walk)! Hope she has a safe voyage to wherever she’s going!


  1. Wait, so now I have to read your posts in a kind of Gerodie accent? LOL! It’s interesting to see these ships as they look more like something designed to fly in space than float on water!

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      • Haha, thanks Matt, I knew what you meant don’t worry! 🙂 I could have edited your comment before it was posted, but that takes the fun out of it! I’m not actually a Geordie anyway, although I’ve lived on Tyneside for 49 years! When I’ve had some alcohol to drink I can do what I consider a passable Geordie accent! 😉


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