Junk Update!

Not too long ago I upgraded an old scratchbuilt Chinese junk that had languished unused for far too long. I followed up on that by adding masts to a resin junk model so it would be ready for painting, at the same time preparing some crew for both vessels. I’ve now made a bit more progress on these models and got some of the crew finished.

The scratchbuilt junk has never had any dedicated crewmen, so I’ve now finished four figures for it. I opted to give it a two man crew for the forward cannon and two jingal gunners to man weapons on the deck amidships.

The forward gun crew were converted from Newline Designs American Civil War figures, having their kepis removed and straw sun hats made from milliput.

The two jingal gunners were converted from Britannia Miniatures Viet Cong rifleman (jingals were essentially very large muskets or rifles fired from a rest; late 19th Century version were breech loading and look like big bolt action rifles). Their rifles were filed down and jingals added from plastic rod and card, wound round with paper strengthening bands (which are a bit overscale)! Paper cylinders were added to the underside of the weapons that fit over the wooden dowels/supports on the ship’s deck and they keep the crewmen in place (the supports used to have small swivel guns mounted on them).

The crew were fairly simple to paint and I opted for colours that would let me use them for Chinese or Vitenamese 19th Century armies or navies. Having got this old model renovated with its new sail I was really pleased to have now added some crew to it. If I can I’ll keep my eyes open for a figure that would make a good commanding officer for it, but so far I’m happy with how it looks!


    • Thanks Mark! πŸ™‚ It’s somewhat satisfying to be able to make or read the comment “Really nice junk”! I might make some small ground bases so that I can use the jingal gunners to supplement my Chinese and Vietnamese armies when they’re not afloat!

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  1. That is fantastic John. Really like the jingal gunners- they look great. If you gamed The Vietnam war it would take much to make a modern set of crew figures for it to extend the junk’s service by a good few decades.



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    • Thanks Faust! πŸ™‚ This is effectively the fourth time this model’s had work done on it! I built the original years ago, then later added the bow gun and original sail, then made a new sail earlier this year and now I’ve finally added the crew!

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    • Thanks Roger! πŸ™‚ Nice to have some crew for it! Not up to your standard with things like straw hats, but they look OK from a distance – I just file down hats, stick on a plasticard disc, followed up by a blob of Milliput filed into a cone shape!


  2. To echo what others have already said, I really like how much life the crew adds to the ship, John! Adding the swivel gun really takes it over the top though and leads to some realistic looking photos.

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    • Thanks mate, that’s much appreciated! πŸ™‚ My colonial warfare rules are in transition at the moment, but since I use Chris Thomas’ Wargaming 19th Century Europe rules for some of my other armies I’m adapting it for use in a colonial setting!


  3. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: if I didn’t know you’d scratch-built this ship I’d 100% believe you’d bought it. Outstanding work, and the crew members look great.

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