More Invaders!

Having got my Martian cylinder finished, and thus a location from which my Squid army can start its invasion of 19th Century Earth, I’ve also managed to add some more Squid invaders!

The new items are the three drones in the middle of the picture, with a Squid at each end. These are spindle drones from the Blackstone Fortress game and I first saw them over at Alex’s blog. Having seen Alex’s painted minis I thought they must be a lot bigger than they are since he’s done such a cracking job of painting them! To me, though, the models do have quite a War of the Worlds look to them, so I thought I’d try and get some. Ebay came to the rescue and I managed to get two sprues on their own, totalling four drones.

I decided to go for the same look as my small tripods (one of which is shown above, painted more than a few years ago). A coat of Vallejo Model Color Bronze, a wash with a thinned enamel black/brown mix, drybrushed bronze, some extra shading added with German Camouflage Black Brown and then the lens painted in red over Burnt Cadmium Red with a white spot highlight.

I really like them and will probably get some more! They are near enough the same size as Squid infantry so fit in well. I’m not sure how I’ll use them in a game yet though. I’ve based them on 25mm bases and will use them in units of three, functioning as intelligent drones/robots I think. I’d toyed with the idea of putting them on 20mm bases and allocating single drones to Squid infantry units, but I’ve decided they’ll operate in their own units. I’m tempted to use them as fast, mobile units that can quickly close with an enemy unit and engage them at short range!


  1. I thought those sculpts looked familiar at first glance but couldn’t place them! Those drones are perfect for this army/setting. I really like the metal colors you used too. They look like they’ve seen some action! 🙂

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    • Thanks Matt! 🙂 I know, I know, the pressure’s building for me to at least have a game. I have started looking at game stats for the Squids so that they can be used with my usual 19th Century historical rules. I do have an idea about how to start the invasion off as well, so I’m making some progress. At the start of it my Earth armies don’t need any Steampunk elements in them so I can use them as they are. Watch this space (but not too closely)!

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    • Thanks Roger! 🙂 Considering how good they look together maybe I should re-think how I might use them – each tripod could have a drone that protects it close in! I like them at this size, but I’d have been happier with them if they had been larger!


  2. They look great, John. They fit well with the other models in the force. I think there was also a larger drone in the Blackstone Fortress set that could also work but it was probably from an expansion.

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  3. You’re becoming a regular GW master, haha!! They look great, and blend in so well with your tripod and other minis. I might not have even noticed they were from Black Fortress if you hadn’t mentioned it.

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